Forest fire in Denizli spread to Burdur

Due to the dark weather, the intervention with helicopters was stopped. Regional Directorate of Forestry teams continue to intervene in the flames from the land. By opening roads with construction equipment, the fire is tried to be controlled by surrounding it. The tractor of Bülent Akar from the local community burned in flames. On the […]

Lots of soot and high flashes: when an electric car catches fire

How dangerous is it if an electric car catches fire? In this context, experts are concerned about tunnel walls and underground garages. But firefighters also face major challenges. Swiss researchers have made spectacular experiments on this. What happens if an electric car burns in an underground car park or tunnel? The Swiss Materials Testing and […]

California fires seen from space – Terra & Poli

Capture images of the fires that are ravaging California from space. NASA’s Terra satellite has captured the huge column of smoke that, blown by the winds, extends for almost 2,000 kilometers southwest, off the Pacific Ocean. In the images there are many completely smoke-obscured areas including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, parts of San Francisco and […]

the old hospital of La Dorcas ravaged by flames!

Posted on Sunday 23 August 2020 at 19:24 By C.D. This Sunday evening, the firefighters of the Picardy Wallonia emergency zone were activated on the banks of the Scheldt to come to the end of the fire which ravaged the old hospital of La Dorcas. A fire (videos) declared this Sunday evening around 7 p.m. […]

The fire in the maquis area destroyed 57 cars!

The fire that broke out in the scrub area near Ekmeksiz Beach, near Sığacık Mahallesi in Seferihisar district of Izmir, has grown rapidly with the effect of the strong wind. SWIMMERS RUN TO SAVE THEIR CAR ON THE BEACH When the flames started burning the two cars in a row, 57 of the 300 vehicles […]

The Ruhr area gets an outlet center: Start in September

Marl. A factory outlet center will open in the Marler Stern shopping center in September. The initial ten to twelve stores are to become 70 to 90. Efs Nbsmfs Tufso ibu tjdi wfsqvqqu- efoo ejftnbm tpmm xjslmjdi fuxbt ifsbvtlpnnfo- xbt bcifcu / Ejf Hftdiåguf jo efn hspàfo voe mbohf [fju qspcmfnbujtdifo Fjolbvgt{fousvn jo efs Joofotubeu […]