Beata and Kacperek drowned during fires in Greece. “I need to know”

When the boat with his relatives sails away, avoiding the fire, he returns to his friends. Together, they hide in the water under the escarpment that protects them from burning branches and bushes flying in the air. They are trying to call the resident of the Grecos travel agency where they bought the holiday. One […]

The miracle of the Convent of the Desert of San José de Las Batuecas

Beyond the terrible consequences that the terrible Monsagro fire has and will have for the affected peoples, their economies and natural environments, a historical relic focused the eyes and concerns of extinction media and inhabitants of the entire province of Salamanca: the Convent of the Desert of San José de Las Batuecas. A historic building […]

Fire at the Former Demak Fertilizer Factory: Sounds of Explosions – Sand Rain

So – A huge fire broke out at a former fertilizer factory on the Semarang-Demak border, Central Java. At the scene, several explosions were heard. Monitoring secondsCentral Java At the location, Thursday (21/7/2022) at 19:54 WIB, several explosions were heard from the hotspots. The explosion also had time to create a fairly large spark. Residents […]

Pierre Chicha, a firefighter from the sky facing fire

Pierre Chicha, pilot of Canadair, is also the head of this sector on the civil security base located in Nîmes-Garons. Laurent Theillet/AFP PORTRAIT – Mobilized on the front lines of ever more frequent fires, the head of the Nîmes civil security base tells us about the requirements of this very high-risk work. More than 20,000 […]

Dentist sets fire to the gym and the studio of the ex: convicted

They were both on trial and both were convicted. 7 years and 8 months for him, a 67-year-old dentist; 6 years and 4 months for her, 64 years old retired. Both were on the stand with the accusation of having started two fires in a complex in Buccinasco, in the Milanese area, which housed a […]

Fires in Gironde: the calm is confirmed

By Le Figaro Posted yesterday at 08:22, Update yesterday at 09:48 More than 2,000 firefighters were mobilized. POOL / REUTERS For the second consecutive day, the two fires in Gironde did not progress. In total, 20,800 hectares of forest have gone up in smoke since July 12. Finally a little respite for the firefighters? “For […]

Fires in Gironde: the smoke from the fire would go up to Paris

650 kilometers separate Paris from La Teste-de-Buche. And yet, as improbable as it may seem, the smoke from the two fires which burned more than 20,000 hectares of forests and vegetation in Gironde would have come back to Paris, affecting the quality of the air, affirmed, this Tuesday 19 July in the evening, the Airparif […]

A fire broke out in a commercial building complex in Riyadh

Riyadh Saudi Arabia, First Published Jul 18, 2022, 10:06 PM IST Riyadh: A fire broke out in a commercial building complex in the Saudi capital city. A fire broke out in a multi-storey building in Alfaiha district on Monday. The fire first broke out in the room where the electricity meters were installed in the […]

“Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes” test: between tactics and efficiency

Posted on Monday, July 18, 2022 at 11:04 a.m. Par Astrid de Harenne Arriving on Nintendo Switch at the end of June, “Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes” takes us back to the fantastic world of Fódlan, in which we find the characters already seen in the “Three Houses” section of the same universe. For this […]