SCB Asset Management seizes momentum of stock recovery Send island funds SET50

“This investment has low volatility. Reduce the risk of loss of principal and enhance the opportunity to generate additional returns by bringing another part of the investment to invest in options contracts Based on the movement of the SET50 Index, which will take the closing price of the SET50 Index every trading day into consideration. […]

The money from the Next Generation Fund could be used to deal with the crisis

When asked about the possibility of using joint EU debt for loans, a spokesman for the federal government explained that only a fifth of the approved funds from the EU’s Next Generation Fund had been paid out, as Reuters reports. “The rest of the money could be used for crisis management and for the green […]

Ottawa knew about Hockey Canada sexual-assault claim in 2018

Witnesses Michel Ruest, Senior Director, Programs, Sport Canada Branch of Canadian Heritage, and Isabelle Mondou, Deputy Minister of Canadian Heritage, appear at the standing committee on Canadian Heritage in Ottawa on July 26.Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press Ottawa was told by Hockey Canada in 2018 about sexual-assault allegations involving members of that year’s Canadian world junior […]

Third body found in reservoir

A third body has been found in Lake Mead reservoir in three months. The deep water levels bring these finds to light. Three bodies have already been recovered in Lake Mead reservoir. – Keystone Ad the essentials in brief The deep water levels in Lake Mead reveal bodies. Within three months, remains of three dead […]

KBank Private Banking raises a state-of-the-art fund to connect investment innovations with smart vehicles

Mr. Jirawat Supornpaiboon Private Banking Group – Executive Chairman Kasikorn Bank revealed that amid the global economic volatility Investors face the inevitable challenge of managing their investments. As a leader in providing services and consultingwealth managementin Thailand We strive to deliver innovation.investmentthat is modern and meets investment needs for stable returns in the long run […]

Researchers find microplastics in human blood for the first time

Dutch researchers from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam have discovered microplastic particles in human blood for the first time. As the magazine Spiegel reported, the researchers found plastic residues in 17 of 22 anonymously submitted samples. Half of the samples examined contained PET plastic, which is commonly used in beverage bottles, according to the study, published […]

Huatai Pineapple Pyramid Announcement on Suspension of Subscription (Including Switch-In, Regular Fixed Investment) of Bond Securities Investment Funds to Stabilize Costs and Increase Profits_Past Performance_Funds_Regular Fixed Investments

Original title: Announcement on the suspension of subscription (including conversion and transfer-in, regular fixed investment) business of Huatai Pineapple Pyramid Bond Securities Investment Fund to Stabilize Costs and Increase Profits 1. Announcement of basic information ■ 2. Other matters that need to be reminded In order to protect the interests of fund unit holders, the […]

Mother in Berlin kills two-year-old daughter and jumps out of the window

March 7, 2022 at 1:11 p.m Tragedy in Berlin : Mother is said to have killed her daughter first and then herself The bodies of a woman and her daughter were found in Berlin on Sunday. Photo: dpa/Friso Gentsch Berlin After the bodies of a 31-year-old and her daughter were found in Berlin on Sunday, […]