US FDA limits use of J & J corona vaccine at risk of thrombosis | Reuters

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on May 5 that it will limit the use of Johnson & Johnson’s (J & J) new coronavirus vaccine because it is at risk of causing abnormal thrombosis. Taken in New York in March 2021 (2022 Reuters / Shannon Stapleton) [Reuters]–The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) […]

in Asia, these women who confine themselves for a month after giving birth

REPORT – According to Chinese medicine, for a month after childbirth, women must isolate themselves and devote themselves to their recovery. This centuries-old tradition is transformed into a juicy market, with dedicated services and ultra-luxurious treatment centres. The price of serenity? After giving birth to a baby boy last July, Vera Yap, a Singaporean 30-year-old […]

Tesla Shanghai Factory Reopens on 18th = Related Sources | Reuters

US EV giant Tesla is preparing to reopen its Shanghai plant in China, which has been suspended for three weeks, on the 18th of the week with the permission of local authorities. Two people involved said on condition of anonymity. Photo taken at Tesla’s Shanghai plant in January 2020 (2022 Reuters / Aly Song) [Shanghai, […]

Angle: Stagnation of production and distribution from Zero Corona, China, spills over to global supply network | Reuters

[Shanghai, 13th Reuters]–Chinese authorities are urgently trying to contain the infection of the new coronavirus under the name of “Zero Corona Policy”, but traffic jams on highways and ports and countless factory shutdowns linked. On April 13, Chinese authorities urgently attempted to contain the new coronavirus infection in the name of the “Zero Corona Policy,” […]

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry supports small and medium-sized enterprises affected by the partial suspension of production in Hino | Reuters

On April 13, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced that it would take measures for small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses affected by the partial suspension of production of Hino Motors. The photo is the Hino Motors logo. Taken in 2017 in Tokyo. (2022 Reuters / Kim Kyung-Hoon) [Reuters, Tokyo 13th]–The Ministry […]