Hacker who hacked FTX transferred 50,000 ETH to bitcoin

Having stolen more than 250,735 ETH (~$235.5 million) from the FTX exchange, an unknown person exchanged 50,000 ETH for wrapped bitcoin from Ren Protocol and connected the assets to a cross-chain bridge for transfer to the main network. #PeckShieldAlert FTX Accounts Drainer 1 currently holds 200,735.1 $ETH (~$235.5M) & drops to the 37th largest holder […]

Facebook fires employees for hijacking profiles and collecting bribes – El Sol de Morelia

The target company —matrix of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp y Messenger— fired and adopted disciplinary action against more of twenty employees and contractors over the past year for “hijacking” and unlocking user accounts, in some cases allegedly for bribery, The Wall Street Journal reported today. These workers would have used the online operations system (Oops), a […]

One more to the list: Sergio Torres’s Twitter account is hacked

Culiacán, Sin.- In Sinaloa it’s already done converting in favorite sport jack phones and WhatsApp Messenger accounts from officials y politicians Sinaloans, from the governor even party leaders, as is the case of Sergio Torres. It is domingothe match Citizen movement in Sinaloa warned that the cell phone of his managerthe former mayor of Culiacan […]

How to avoid WhatsApp account hacks

The account of WhatsApp it is very personal. Everyone has private details of their life on this app and it is becoming more and more common to hear about personal account hacks. What kind of revenue can be obtained from hacking an account of WhatsApp? The easiest way is to pretend to be the owner […]

Instagram: Differences between restrict, block or mute

Instagram It is one of the applications that cares a lot about the security and privacy of users, not in vain it has strict policies that allow the application to be a safe environment, but many times the artificial intelligence fails or cannot locate all the accounts that they violate the norm, which is why […]