Apex Legends in the future will become “more than just battle royale” / CD-Action

At the beginning of last year, the world was overcome with apexomania and through the eyes of our imagination we have already seen the work of Respawn Entertainment throw the famous Fortnite from the battleroyale throne. After the first successful months, the production lost its novelty, which led to a gradual outflow of players. Although […]

Corona: “The recognition is good for us nursing staff”

Gladbeck. Sultan Demircan from Gladbeck is delighted with the great respect she has given during the coronavirus crisis. The nursing staff is very motivated. Politicians, actors, celebrities of all genres praise the people who fight on the front lines in Corona times. “Heroes” in the crisis are doctors, shop assistants, cashiers, truck drivers, newspaper deliverers […]

Highlights of COVID-19

The remarkable thing about the pandemic has shown the advancement of science, at a clinical and molecular level. With the new knowledge, the urgent obligation to intervene in the behavior of people, their mobility and the reduction of contacts, the increase of care for people with greater risk with the increase of family and community […]

We are not interested in being heroes, only being recognized by you

A doctor from Bouquet Roldán Hospital denounced the “lack of doctors “ that is in the institution and assured that already last March when it was decided that they would receive patients with coronavirus, the request had been made to add more professionals. The doctor Alejandra Sagarna said that after the request for supplies and […]

BMW offers special discounts to Covid-19 heroes

A. N. MADRID Updated:05/06/2020 01: 44h save Related news “Caring for those who care for us”. This is the philosophy that underlies the initiative launched by BMW Group Spain and the official dealer network of the firm and by which the work of all is recognized. lCollectives on the front line of battle against coronavirus. […]

Heart attacks and other emergencies remain a priority in hospitals

“We have observed that many people who have suffered heart attacks or strokes in times of coronavirus delay in requesting medical assistance for fear of becoming infected (in the hospital) and choose to delay the visit to emergencies or, what is worse, self-medicate”, explained to DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS Dayamil Rodríguez, director of the Cardiac Catheterization […]

Closed beta of the arena fighting game goes into the last round

Pearl Abyss launched today the last closed beta test for its hero-based battle royale fighting game Shadow Arena for PC. The test runs until Monday, April 20th at 9:00 a.m. Registrations are still possible on the official website. According to the manufacturer, new features of the beta are an improved matchmaking system, better balancing and […]

Heroes: The pitch moves to hospitals

The sport has been relegated to the background in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. It is an obvious one and no one will dispute it. Health is the most important thing. That is why the fight over the pitch has been moved to the floors of the hospitals where the heroes of a few […]