How to hide the photos you receive on WhatsApp from prying eyes

ABC TECHNOLOGY MADRID Updated:05/18/2020 01:25 save Related news It happens, and should not, that WhatsApp is used as a communication channel for members of a company. It should not because, as a general rule, it is usually a private and personal environment and as such should be treated in this way. But since sometimes we […]

the trick to hide conversations without deleting them

ABC TECHNOLOGY Madrid Updated:05/04/2020 01:15 save Related news It is possible that, on some occasion, you have been concerned about someone who should not pick up your phone and check your messages. WhatsApp. If you want to avoid it, there is a very simple way to achieve it, and without any need to delete the […]

The goal of Spanish football is 7,000 kilometers | It is LaLiga in EL PAÍS

7,000 kilometers. This is the approximate distance between Madrid and Miami and the one that separates LaLiga from its great international objective: to celebrate an official match outside the Spanish borders. The organization wants to get ahead of its competitors to be the first major European soccer league to take a meeting to another venue, […]

The smallest bar in Madrid hides a flamenco temple | Madrid

Interview with the owner of the smallest bar in Madrid. JORGE HUALDE The first rule of your clientele is to deny its existence. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” says filmmaker Jonás Trueba. “The what?”, Becomes the clueless cultural journalist César Suárez. “No idea,” concludes actress Lola Dueñas. The San Román, a bar so […]

China warns: “Hide the coronavirus being punished with death”

AChinese court has warned that intentional concealmentof symptoms of the new coronavirus constitutes a“criminal offense” that could be punished even with the death penalty. In an opinion collected this Saturday by the official newspaper ‘Beijing Daily’, the court also sees the crime as constitutingdisplacement history hiding. The court notes as aggravating the demonstration that these […]