The striped-legged tick settles in France

Every Sunday, find the chronicle “the stupid age”, the animal meeting of Liberation. Striped and fairly long legs, elongated mouthparts, body size ranging from eight millimeters to two centimeters… These characteristics of the tick Hyalomma marginatum make it stand out from its peers. Established for about five years on the Mediterranean coast, the species is […]

Evil in the Pyrenees – Culture / Next

The valley, Bernard Minier’s latest novel, comes out in bookstores this week. After a getaway to Hong Kong two years ago with M, the edge of the abyss, a futuristic thriller featuring a young computer scientist, a Chinese digital giant and a malicious AI, the author reconnects with his native Pyrenees and his familiar heroes: […]

Two Sars-Cov-2 strains may be in circulation, study finds

This is a sharp, very technical article, pre-published (and therefore not yet proofread and validated by peers) on April 30 on the platform. BioRxyv. It reveals that there are two strains of Sars-Cov-2 (the virus responsible for Covid-19) circulating since the start of the pandemic. “This mutation is not new, but what is it is […]

Covid-19: on the trail of the enigmatic “patient zero”

What if the coronavirus epidemic had started in France well before the end of January? “The first cases of Covid-19? We will surely have surprises ”, says Professor William Dab, former director general of health. “The first cases surely occurred well before the start of 2020, contrary to what we initially thought, abounds Dominique Costagliola, […]

Biodiversity is health

Each month, Release digs up an environmental theme. After hunting and skiing, third episode, why preserve biodiversity is to preserve our health. Scientists are clear: if humanity wants to protect itself as much as possible from the appearance of new epidemics such as Covid-19, it is absolutely and urgently necessary to preserve biodiversity, that is […]

Peace without family – Culture / Next

Here is an album which should make smile in the cottages. “Leave me alone” are the words that parents and children ruminate on during this confined period. A barely muffled cry against those we love and hate at the same time. It is also the title of this album written and illustrated by Galia Bernstein. […]

With Philippe Testa, the darkness that comes

Nothing is more striking than immersing yourself in a book that meets our current reality, that of arrest and confinement. The ultra-capitalist society in which the narrator lives the Obscure is brutally inoperative. Not because of an epidemic, but a total blackout after a succession of crippling power cuts. The “obscure” is first, in the […]

Neanderthal, the first rope weaver 40,000 years ago

Neanderthal, the first rope weaver 40,000 years ago Paleo. Our old missing cousin, the Neanderthal Man has not finished surprising us. From discoveries to archaeological discoveries, here we learn that he made ornaments, manufactured sophisticated tools or more recently, that he exploited marine resources in the coastal areas that he encountered. Better: the Neanderthals, it […]

“Forward”, from elves

For those to whom the title of the new film from the Pixar studios would remind a little too quickly the name of a detestable party in power, note thatForward Dan Scanlon sounds more like a critic of progress than anything else. The title is also a joke, a spirit of contradiction of the house […]

The sound of the day # 432: sorcerer like Razen

Brujo robot. Robot, sorcerer, technology, spirituality: we will not find a better way to introduce this new disc of the Belgian quartet Razen than by threading the words fallen from the semantic fields of the two a priori irreconcilable words which form the title of his new album, which released March 27. A way of […]