Sex chip: what is it, how is it used and what benefits does it bring

The doctor explains that when a patient refers to these characteristics and laboratory studies confirm the decrease in testosterone, hormone replacement therapy is recommended. “This can be done through the subdermal testosterone chip or pellet. This hormone, applied in the optimal amounts that each patient requires, has practically no adverse effects and, when evaluating whether […]

Kathy unpacks: It was that bad with the Kelly Family – Tv

When Kathy Kelly speaks in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house about her time with the Kelly Family, she bursts into tears. In the fourth episode “Celebrity Big Brother” it got particularly emotional for candidate Kathy Kelly. Roommate Sascha Heyne asked her about her time with the Kelly family: “Did it hit you back then that […]

Peak and ID for this Wednesday, August 5, in Cali

Erika Mantilla August 05, 2020 – 07:46 am 2020-08-05 By: Drafting of El País With the expansion of compulsory preventive isolation in Colombia due to the covid-19 pandemic during the month of August, the measure of the peak and ID continues in force in Cali by determination of the local Administration. This Wednesday, the people […]

My son was left without a dad thanks to this man

Relatives and close friends of Franco Moreyra, the young man who was shot dead by a retiree who wanted to rob him of his house in Quilmes, were present last night at the house where Jorge Adolfo Ríos, 71, where he is serving house arrest, to ask for justice. “My son was left without a […]

Blue dollar today: how much did it close this Monday, July 20

The informal trading accumulated a jump of 2.4% in the week, the highest in that period since mid-May. The parallel ticket jumped $ 3 on Thursday (same weekly variation) and cut a streak of eight consecutive days without variations, after the Central Bank tighten controls against “electronic gambling”, and ask financial institutions to restrict bank […]