Grande America: 1,050 tonnes of hazardous materials according to an inventory

On the fuel side, in addition to the 2,200 tonnes of heavy fuel oil already announced, the Grande America was carrying 190 tonnes of marine diesel and 70,000 liters of oil. LThe Italian ship Grande America, which sank on March 12, contained 1,050 tonnes of hazardous materials, according to the detailed inventory of the cargo […]

For Citi, a gold record is “just a matter of time”

Related news The bullish factors which are accumulating in el gold market they could do that the yellow metal breaks the 2011 price record, according to the perspectives handled by Citigroup Inc. The prices benefit from a Lax monetary policy, low real yields, record inflows of exchange-traded funds, and increased asset allocation, wrote analysts including […]

Carglass makes material donations and launches a message of hope

ABC Motor Madrid Updated:04/26/2020 02: 07h save Related news In addition to making material donations, Carglass Spain wanted to help in these difficult moments by launching a message of hope: “We will repair this together.” The company has made an emotional video that reflects on the situation we are experiencing because of the Covid-19 and […]

Gold to rise to $ 3,000, 50% above current record, says BofA

More Bloomberg News Bank of America Corp. (BofA) raised the 18-month gold target price at $ 3,000 an ounce, which implies an increase of More than 50% compared to the current record, in his report entitled “The Fed can’t print gold” or what would be in Spanish “The Fed cannot print gold”. The analysts, among […]

How to determine the filtering capacity of mask materials

SNIC Agency Madrid Updated:04/22/2020 13: 18h save Related news SARS-CoV-2 travels through the air as part of different sizes, such as drops and sprays, and can remain in suspension for hours. Hence the importance of wearing face masks in people with the virus. Spanish experts have designed a system to establish filtering capacity of the […]

Schools in Flanders to teach new subjects remotely this Monday

At the same time, Flemish Minister for Education Ben Weyts (N-VA) is drawing up a plan for the reopening of schools OAs we know, the National Security Council has extended confinement in Belgium. Schools will therefore remain closed beyond the spring break for an additional two weeks (minimum). Faced with this unprecedented situation, the teachers […]

US opens world war over virus test materials

The danger of overflowing the hospitals has passed. New York, the global epicenter of the pandemic, continues to register 2,000 new hospitalizations daily for Covid-19, but the curve has stopped growing and authorities believe they have the capacity to deal with the cases that are coming. Its governor, Andrew Cuomo, has even offered to lend […]

Than the new Haval H5 is going to “kill” Renault Arkana

The Chinese crossover has something to surprise. Last year, Renault Arkana came out, which first attracted attention, and then disappointed motorists. Therefore, the distressed Russians began to look for an alternative, which became the Haval H5. What is the Chinese crossover going to “kill” the popular French cross-coupe? First of all, it is worth paying […]

In a world drowned in oil, they discover another huge reserve in Brazil

Related news In a world that doesn’t know what to do with so much crude, Petrobras and Exxon Mobil Corp. have just found a large amount off the coast of Brazil. Petroleo Brasileiro SA, as the state-owned oil producer is officially called, announced a discovery with partners that the Brazilian oil regulator’s estimates estimated at […]