Cuba and Turkey strengthen relations with the meeting in Ankara between Díaz-Canel and Erdogan

Turkey and Cuba strengthen their bilateral relations. The presidents of both countries, Recep Tayyip Erdogan y Miguel Diaz-Canel, they met this Wednesday in Ankara with the aim of jointly studying various “regional and global issues”, particularly in relation to Latin America and the Caribbean. The meeting coincides with the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between […]

Díaz-Canel calls on Cubans to avoid mosquito bites

While three Cuban families mourn the death of two girls and of a pregnant woman with hemorrhagic denguethe ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel can think of nothing else but to tell the population to avoid mosquito bites. On Tuesday, the working group for the prevention of COVID had to dedicate a large part of its weekly meeting […]

“You will be an example to follow”

The singer John William Almeidason of the commander of the revolution Juan Almeida Bosque, dedicated a few words of remembrance to the General Luis Alberto Rodríguez López-Calleja, the so-called czar of the Cuban economy, deceased of a cardiorespiratory arrest last Friday. JG, as Juan Guillermo is known in the artistic field, assured that López-Calleja was […]

Cuban regime ended in 2021 protests, says activist – 06/16/2022 – World

The July 11, 2021 protests sealed the end of popular support for the Cuban communist regime, something the Latin American left does not see in its support for the dictatorship. But the opposition is not limited to the criticized exiles of Miami. The statement, made by art curator Carolina Barrero, 35, outlines part of the […]

Cuban President checked maintenance actions in Felton (+Photos)

By: Thalia Ruiz Desdin Miguel Diaz-Canel BermudezFirst Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, checked progress in the maintenance process of block one of the Lidio Ramón Pérez Thermoelectric Power Plant, in Felton, located in the Holguin municipality of Mayarí. In the early hours of Monday, […]

A notorious repressor, identified in a ‘protection cordon’ of Díaz-Canel in Havana

Cuban activists and journalists once again identified a Cuban repressor in a public operationin this case during a public appearance by Miguel Díaz-Canel part of a tour of a neighborhood in Havana. “In this video of Diaz-Canel’s visit yesterday to the Electric Division, you can see Lieutenant Colonel ‘Camilo’ (José Luis Méndez), one of the […]

Lis Cuesta’s message to Cubans after calling Díaz-Canel dictator: “Relax”

Lis Cuesta never gets tired. After numerous criticisms of her for her message on her Twitter, in which called Miguel Díaz-Miguel the “dictator of my heart”sows controversy again with a tweet in which he tells Cubans to relax. The woman known as the First Lady of Cuba published another text this Monday, clearly addressed to […]