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MLB: Nominees for 2020 Best of Awards

Six days after the 2020 season of Major League Baseball (MLB), with Los Angeles Dodgers as World Series Champions, Major League Baseball handed out the award nominations for the year’s outstanding players and coaches. To the surprise of many fans and specialized media, the batter Mike Trout does not appear among the candidates for the … Read more

Six Latinos, including five Dominicans, finalists for Hank Aaron

SAN DIEGO – Six Latin Americans, led by five Dominicans, are part of the list of finalists for the Hank Aaron Award, announced Wednesday the office of the Major League Baseball (MLB) commissioner, which each year presents the award during the World Series for recognize the best pure hitter on each circuit. Each team nominated … Read more

Decisions overturned by video review decreased slightly in MLB

NEW YORK – Video reviews nullified 42.4% of scores reviewed by umpires during the shortened Major League Baseball regular season, down slightly from 44% in 2019. If you want to receive the best information in the sports world, download the App now.espn.com/app » The Boston Red Sox were the most successful team, winning disallowed marks … Read more

American League playoffs MLB favorite teams for the World Series

The 2020 MLB postseason put into gear and with the opening games of the American League wild card keys, eight teams, of the 16 that will be in the Playoffs, jumped to the Major League diamonds in search of the victory that will leave them to a triumph of the conference series. MLB expert analysts … Read more

As always, Houston, with its winning attitude, and Twins with the loser

MINNEAPOLIS – Tainted by scandal before this season and grimy during it, the Houson Astros entered the playoffs with their usual confidence and winning attitude. 2 Related And in a tris, they have the advantage over the Minnesota Twins, who will play a game of life and death, with a lousy record on their shoulders. … Read more

Astros take advantage of a mistake in the ninth inning to beat Minnesota in Game 1

Minnesota hasn’t won a postseason game since Game 1 of the 2004 Division Series against the New York Yankees. For their part, the Houston Astros, who have reached the World Series in two of the last three seasons, qualified this year despite the signal theft scandal in which they lost their manager and ended the … Read more