Alex Cora could return to the Red Sox

Boston. Five months after the former Boston Red Sox driver, the Puerto Rican Alex Cora Losing his position with that ninth, rumors continue that he could return to that team. “I admit full responsibility” Cora was removed from office in January, after his links to the signal theft were discovered when he belonged to the […]

MLB: Red Sox Pitcher Refuses to Play: ‘They Can’t Force Us’ | AL BAT

MLB: Red Sox Pitcher refuses to play: ‘They can’t force us’ | Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved., AP Much has been said recently about MLB’s plans to start the 2020 season once and for all, after the success that different foreign leagues such as South Korea or Taiwan have had after resuming […]

MLB also punishes Boston Red Sox for espionage in champion year 2018 | NOW

The MLB also punished the Boston Red Sox on Thursday for breaking the rules in 2018 champion year. The baseball club has been convicted of spying on opponents. The MLB recently conducted extensive investigations into the Red Sox, who had installed additional cameras in its home stadium to analyze the catcher’s hand gestures towards the […]

Baseball faces many questions when it comes to Coronavirus – The Athletic

Major League Baseball will do something after the NBA suspends its regular season on Wednesday and the NCAA, which announces both its men’s and women’s basketball tournaments, will only be played in front of key personnel and with limited family members. The regular baseball season is two weeks away, so sports decision makers have time […]

Chris Sale’s elbow situation shows that the Red Sox spring could get worse

After medical experts recommended resting his elbow pain, Boston Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale, and the … [+] The team waits to see if this spring could get worse. (Photo by Billie Weiss / Boston Red Sox / Getty Images) fake images Spring training is supposed to be that time of year when hope and […]

Not even the discomfort of Mookie Betts could paralyze the Dodgers

PHOENIX – The Yankees have had enough early injuries to raise concerns about the depth of the organization and if they can find their internal Urshela again. The Astros lost Gerrit Cole and all goodwill. How will they handle coercion of being the villain in all baseball cities, except Houston? Then, in the superpower division […]

Mike Fiers is a “snitch” for exposing the Astros scheme

Add David Ortiz to the list of people who think Mike Fiers was wrong to denounce the Astros trap scandal. The former Red Sox slugger told reporters in Fort Meyers, Florida, on Thursday that he believes Fiers is a “snitch” for revealing that the Astros illegally stole posters in 2017 on the way to winning […]