Luis Urías collaborates in the victory of the Brewers against the Braves

The Mexican went 1-for-4 and walked but made an anthology catch. Luis Urías caught at the Braves’ home For: Samuel Reyes MAY. 07. 2022 Add us to your home screen to visit us easier and faster Add Luis UriasMexican third baseman of the Milwaukee Brewers contributes to the 6-3 victory against the Atlanta Braves at […]

How much does the Atlanta Braves World Series ring cost? | baseball 123

Frederlin Castro | @fr3djcd Players and members of the Atlanta Braves organization received their World Series rings a few days ago, but now fans have the opportunity to earn one of their own. Of course, it comes at a tremendous price. 🠆Officially I am world champion for all my life, thank God for […]

Max Fried will start for Braves on Opening Day

ATLANTA – Max Fried, who capped his 2021 season as a starting pitcher in Atlanta’s decisive Game 6 win over Houston, has been named the Braves’ Opening Day starter. 2 Related The Atlanta Braves announced Wednesday that Fried will start against the Cincinnati Reds in their April 7 opener in Atlanta. It will be the […]

Ronald Acuña Jr. vs. Fernando Tatis Jr.: Which has been closer to 40-40?

Latino players Ronald Acuña Jr. and Fernando Tatis Jr. are among the most outstanding young players in the MLB. Their mix of special abilities make them a huge draw for all fans. Despite their tender ages, they have already achieved important things in the Big Top. However, it seems that the time has come for […]

Joc Pederson stands as “Mr. World Series” | Baseball 123

Gonzalo Urgelles [email protected] Joc Pederson declared himself an agent at the end of the 2020 season, after reaching World Series glory with the Los Angeles Dodgers. After this, the outfielder reached an agreement with the Chicago Cubs, for one year and seven million dollars. Read also: You have to be Braves! to be a champion […]