Latin America, infection at 2.6 million – last hour

(ANSA) – BUENOS AIRES, JULY 1 – The coronavirus pandemic continues to make its effects felt in Latin America where in the last 24 hours the infections have reached 2,576,463 (+46,357), while the deaths are now 116,199 ( +2510). This is what emerges today from a statistical elaboration carried out by ANSA on the basis […]

“In Barranquilla the networks made believe that the virus did not exist”

In the framework of the accountability of the Ministry of Health and before the question of EL HERALDO about the attention of the coronavirus pandemic in Barranquilla and Atlántico, which are among the territorial entities with the highest infections, the Vice Minister of Health, Luis Alexander Moscoso , warned this Tuesday that work is carried […]

“Rosa Parks does not belong to the history of France”

Paul-François Paoli is a journalist and essayist. He recently published At the source of the French identity malaise, values, identity and instinct for collaboration (at the Gunner). FIGAROVOX.- Colbert Sophie-Germain high school in Thionville will be renamed to take the name of the African-American activist Rosa Parks. What reaction does this inspire you? Paul-François PAOLI.- […]

Napoleon thinks he is for the Rhône

From Caesar to De Gaulle, the generals who entered politics did not spit on writing, especially not Napoleon. His first volume of “Letters, proclamations, speeches, messages” appeared in 1808. Flocks of various editions followed each other until, from 2004 to 2018, the Fondation Napoléon published fifteen volumes of complete correspondence with Fayard. The volume of […]

Manchette, Buchert, Baratte, Minier, Napoléon … the Libé Books selection

Five recommendations from the Books service and the favorites of booksellers on the Onlalu site to deconfinate. Letters from bad weather, Correspondence 1977-1995, by Jean-Patrick Manchette. Preface by Richard Morgiève, La Table Ronde, 528 pp, 25 €. (To be released May 28). An unpublished side of the work of Jean-Patrick Manchette (1942-1995) appears which brings […]

Idir, Berber without borders – Culture / Next

Seghir Lazri is a sociologist. He works in particular on the social vulnerability of athletes in the “Sociosports” column on In this text, he pays tribute to the singer Idir, who disappeared on Saturday. “With him, part of my childhood, my culture and my identity went away …”, he reacted on Twitter. The disappearance […]

“The Epidemic”, full-blown dystopia

In the middle of Covid-19, a title like that … But Asa Ericsdotter published the epidemic in 2016, so the suspicion of opportunism does not hold, nor the hypothesis of a divine coincidence. And in fact, this novel does not imagine a health virus but a political dystopia: Sweden, supposedly a welfare state, lets itself […]

Coronavirus, the latest news from Italy and the world

7.35 pm – The report of the Higher Institute of Health on deaths in the Rsa: 40% had Covid or compatible symptoms 40.2% of those who died in RSAs since early February were positive for Covid-19 or had symptoms compatible with the disease. This was stated by the report of the Istituto Superiore di Sanit, […]