President Bazoum on a working visit to the departments of Téra and Gothèye

The departments of Téra and Gothèye welcome this Thursday, June 9, 2022 the President of the Republic HE. Mohamed Bazoum for a working visit to the field. This displacement follows that carried out in Torodi and Makalondi on June 3, areas which suffer from residual insecurity from non-State Armed Groups (NSAGs) invariably evolving between the […]

“We wonder if there was even really an investigation”

We wonder if there was even really an investigation, because if there was an investigation, we should normally know at the end of which units the bullets that killed or injured people came from. It was not a judicial investigation that there was, apparently it was a kind of administrative investigation. Then, at the end, […]

Minister of Communication Mahamadou Zada ​​imprisoned for embezzlement

Published on : 20/04/2022 – 14:45 The Minister of Communication, Mahamadou Zada, was imprisoned in Kollo prison. Heard on Tuesday, April 19 by an investigating judge from the economic and financial center, he was placed under a warrant for embezzlement of money before entering the government. With our correspondent in Niamey, Moussa Kaka It is […]

Baerbock promises Niger and neighboring countries more money

“We see you. We hear you. And we have a responsibility to ensure that this hurricane is somehow managed by crises.” With this message, Annalena Baerbock (Greens) addressed the people of Niger on Thursday, where she plans to be on the last day of her West Africa trip dedicated primarily to the topics of climate […]

Niger. A summit on industrialization

The headquarters agreement for the organization of this summit was signed between the Nigerien government represented by the Minister of Industry, Salamatou Gourouza and the Commissioner responsible for economic development, industry, trade, minerals and Handicrafts of the African Union, Albert Muchanga. According to the Nigerien Minister of Industry, “Niger was the initiator of this project […]

the chief of staff of the French armed forces on a visit to the Malian border

Published on : 01/04/2022 – 07:56 This is the third time that the Chief of Staff of the French Armed Forces, General Thierry Burkhard has stayed in Niger. A few days before the vote by the Nigerien National Assembly on a document on military cooperation between Barkhane and the Nigerien armed forces, he was this […]

How Barkhane plans to redeploy to Niger

Published on : 27/03/2022 – 22:54 A few days or weeks before the vote in the Nigerien Assembly on the military cooperation agreement between the Nigerien army and Barkhane, the French army is preparing. Since March 1, Colonel Hervé Pierre, the new commander who will coordinate Barkhane’s withdrawal from Mali, has settled in Niamey. With […]

Niger: 20 children die in school fire

A devastating fire this Monday in Niger killed more than 20 school children; others were injured. According to media reports, the fire had destroyed three of the straw classrooms in a primary school in Maradi. The victims are between three and eight years old.

ISIS sympathizers massacre 60 villagers in Niger

loading… NIAMEY – At least 60 people were reported killed in attacks carried out by groups of sympathizers ISIS in a remote southwest area Niger . The incident took place earlier this week in a remote area bordering Burkina Faso and Mali, but news appears to have emerged only recently. “Heavily armed members of the […]

France gives military equipment to Niger for anti-jihadist fight

Niger received heavy machine guns and all-terrain vehicles offered by France on Wednesday to help this poor Sahelian country regularly targeted by jihadist attacks to fight terrorist groups, the Nigerian defense ministry said. Twenty-eight light military pick-ups of the type “Masstech“And 71 12-7 heavy machine guns were received, and are intended for the special intervention […]