Highlights of COVID-19

The remarkable thing about the pandemic has shown the advancement of science, at a clinical and molecular level. With the new knowledge, the urgent obligation to intervene in the behavior of people, their mobility and the reduction of contacts, the increase of care for people with greater risk with the increase of family and community […]

Philippe Cognée, painting disintegration and rebirth

Philippe Cognée easily accommodated the long period of confinement. His life will not have been so much changed by this moment of pause, shared by the entire population. In his studio in Vertou (Loire-Atlantique), on the peaceful outskirts of Nantes, surrounded by trees and flowers which he takes great care of, this affable but fundamentally […]

Arthur transmédial / Transmedial Arthur (Valenciennes)

Hauts-de-France Polytechnic University, Valenciennes November 12 and 13, 2020 Arthur transmedial the legend of king Arthur between cinema, series, comics, music and games The legend of King Arthur has experienced a revival thanks to the success of new media and mass culture. Very popular until the XVIe century, first in medieval manuscripts then in Renaissance […]

the dark truth about what came with the Renaissance

César CerveraFOLLOW Updated:04/22/2020 12: 24h save Some want to imagine the story as the setting for a play where the different actors are entering and activating the effects as if obeying a script. Forward the Middle Ages! Deactivate the black plague effect! Turn off cross mode…. But the reality is that the story is somewhat […]

Jazz double bass player Henry Grimes carried away by the Covid-19

The jazz world has not been spared this virus. April 17 died in Harlem the double bass player Henry Grimes, free veteran who had yet come a long way, having survived a life almost on the street. It was in the early 2000s that the native of Philadelphia (1935) reappeared after more than three decades […]

Letter to the French since their future – Liberation

I’m writing from Italy, so I’m writing from your future. We are now where you will be in a few days. The curves of the epidemic show us embraced in a parallel dance in which we find ourselves a few steps ahead of you on the timeline, just as Wuhan was compared to us a […]