Index – Culture – The actor who ordered to be buried standing up

Gábor Koncz is one of the most athletic Hungarian actors. If he had been born in the United States, he would probably have been seen in the role of the hero in dozens of action films, but the Hungarian film industry heaped him with plenty of offers, and it was not by chance that he […]

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, W198, wood, wood carving

In 1952, the Mercedes-Benz W194 racing car was stored in long-distance races, winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans, among others. The street version of a successful and eye-catching car made at the urging of an American car dealer is also the Stuttgart brand, it has become the 300 SL – and how well it […]

Mont’e Prama, the mystery of the millenary giants – Culture & Shows

(by Silvia Lambertucci) (ANSA) – ROME, MAY 07 – The very first find, a limestone head, was found at the bottom of a well in Banatou in Narbolia, but then they thought of one of the many Punic finds that crowd that stretch of the North western Sardinia. The discovery of the fascinating nuragic necropolis […]

Kiev ‘behead’ statue Ukraine-Russia friendship – World

The Russian worker’s head lies on the ground, bent to one side, the hollow bronze neck almost neatly severed. It is the first piece of statue to fall under the Arch of Friendship between Russia and Ukraine, in the very center of Kiev. The 8-meter-high monument, built in 1982, depicted a Russian and a Ukrainian […]

A statue of Freddie Mercury inaugurated in South Korea thanks to a fan

The culmination of a dream. There are now two statues representing the famous singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury, around the world. The first was inaugurated in 2016 in Montreux (Switzerland), the singer’s place of residence. Made by the Czech sculptor Irena Sedlecká, it represents Freddie Mercury, his fist raised, during the famous concert given at […]

Formerly Hobby Destroys Idols, Now The Taliban Take Care Of Buddha Statues For China

Acceptance – In the past, the Taliban had the hobby of destroying statues because they were considered idols. Now they are desperately guarding Buddha statues in the interior of Afghanistan for the sake of China. What’s up? The Taliban is known for its hard understanding of Islam. They will not hesitate to destroy idols that […]

Ukraine: black cloth on David statue in the square in Florence – Tuscany

Nardella: ‘It is a gesture of mourning and pain’ The statue of David in Piazza della Signoria in Florence was covered with a black cloth as a sign of mourning for the war. On the black cloth placed this morning, the mayor of Florence together with some representatives of the Ukrainian community […]

Statue of Theodore Roosevelt in New York dismantled and shipped to North Dakota

The decision had been voted on by a committee of the town hall of the city in June because of the colonialist and racist symbolism of the monument. Workers dismantled an imposing statue of President Theodore Roosevelt outside the American Museum of Natural History in New York on Wednesday (January 19). The Equestrian statue of […]

In Rouen, a treasure found in the statue of Napoleon currently under repair

This article is for subscribers only Posted on 06/22/2021 at 3:10 p.m. Gold, silver, and bronze coins were discovered in the base of the statue of Napoleon currently being repaired at a foundry, after leaving Place de Gaulle in Rouen in 2020. Unbolted almost a year ago (July 2, 2020) to be consolidated, the statue […]