Behind the Collapse of the Lebanese and Sri Lankan economies, whose fault is it? page all – Lebanon and Sri Lanka may be worlds apart, but they share a history of political turmoil and violence that led to the collapse of once prosperous economies. Today, both countries are beset with corruption, patronage, nepotism, and incompetence. Reported APthe toxic combination led to disaster for both: currency collapses, shortages, triple-digit inflation, and […]

Is it possible to bet on gas to return the looted depositors’ money?

Lebanon is awaiting the official Israeli response to its presentation in the maritime demarcation file through the American envoy, Amos Hochstein, after all the Lebanese parties united behind the President of the Republic and Line 29 was abandoned, so what will the Israeli response be? To return the looted depositors’ money?!. First of all, regarding […]

Vivaldi launches free built-in email app

Vivaldi is best known for its Chromium-based cross-platform web browser. However, the company indicated last year that it was expanding into other areas. It introduced a host of new services to rival Google and Microsoft, including Vivaldi Mail, Vivaldi Calendar, and more. After spending a year in beta, the Mail and […]

The French judiciary issues an arrest warrant against Riad Salameh’s girlfriend?!

The case of the discriminatory prosecution of the Public Prosecution Office against the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, in the crime of embezzlement, forgery, money laundering, illicit enrichment and tax evasion is not considered easy or ordinary, although it was accompanied by political silence, despite the size of the step that comes […]

The latest currency shocks… Lebanon resorts to “dollarizing” tourism

This abandonment comes due to the deterioration of the value of the currency, which lost about 90% of its value against the US dollar in the parallel market, and with the continuous rise that the dollar is recording daily. The devaluation of the lira The value of salaries in lira also deteriorated 90% with the […]

Sixty-four illegal migrants arrested by the army in the North before setting sail

Sixty-four illegal migrants of Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian origins were intercepted by the Lebanese army on a beach located between the regions of Kleïaat and Cheikh Zinad (North Lebanon), while trying to flee by sea a country in crisis. In a statement, the troops said a pregnant woman who was suffering from bleeding was among […]