Lebanon: Six dead and 13 injured in new clashes in the Palestinian camp

Six people were killed today in clashes in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain el Helueh, despite a ceasefire declared on Monday, following days of deadly fighting between Islamist extremists and Fatah fighters. Clashes resumed tonight and a road that runs past the camp was blocked, an AFP correspondent from the neighboring town of Saida […]

Canada’s basketball players set a new World Cup record by defeating Lebanon

In the match with Lebanon, the Canadian basketball players not only surpassed Latvia’s possible record for points scored in this championship (109), repeated the 18 long shots made by Latvia, but also gave 43 assists, which is a new competition record. In the Group H game, Canada was superior with 128:73 (29:13, 37:17, 34:18, 28:25). […]

Lebanon’s Minister of Culture personally revealed the reason for banning “Barbie” in theaters | International | CTWANT

The hit movie “Barbie” (Barbie) has exceeded 1 billion yuan at the box office. (Photo/Dazhi/Reuters) As anti-LGBT rhetoric intensified, Lebanon’s culture minister, Mohammad Mortada, asked the General Security Service to take action to stop the screening. Mortada said the hit film “Barbie” was banned from local cinemas because it promoted homosexuality and contradicted religious values. […]

Multiple Deaths and Destruction: Devastating Fires Ravage Hawaii Islands

At least six people have died in the American archipelago of Hawaii, where two islands are currently affected by several fires. These destroyed a city, caused thousands to be evacuated and forced some residents to throw themselves into the sea to escape the flames pic.twitter.com/itcj8JJydz — TRT French (@trtfrancais) August 10, 2023

Latvia’s opponent Lebanon loses to Cameroon in the test match

Lebanese basketball players lost with the result 99:109. Hajk Gjokchian was the leading scorer for Lebanon with 21 points, Karim Ezzedine had 19 points and two steals, and Wael Arakji added 13 points. It has already been reported that in the test matches in Istanbul, the Lebanese also defeated Saudi Arabia by 83:68 and lost […]

10 great movies about armored warfare

Tanks are important “characters” of modern war films, and in fact, many films have been made in recent years that talk about the deployment of armored personnel carriers – we have selected the 10 best of them. The year is 1943, somewhere in North Africa. The British retreat from Tobruk, but an American tank commander […]

Ambassador Adwan back in Lebanon on Wednesday, Foreign Affairs announce

Lebanon’s ambassador to France, Rami Adwan, who is the subject of allegations of rape and intentional violence, will return to Lebanon on Wednesday, outgoing Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib said on Tuesday. An investigation was opened in Paris against Mr. Adwan, following complaints filed by two former employees of the embassy. He enjoys diplomatic immunity, […]

A fire brought under control in the morning resumes in Akkar

A major fire which broke out on Friday in a valley near the village of Bzal, in Akkar (North Lebanon), and which had been brought under control on Saturday morning, resumed in the afternoon, reports our correspondent in the Michel Hallak region. Smoke from burning trees and weeds obscured visibility, threatening traffic. Residents fear the […]