Six people died on Czech roads on Friday! Most since the beginning of the year

Three fatal accidents occurred in the Moravian-Silesian Region. Firefighters and police officers went to the first one before half past ten. In Rychvald, Orlovská Street, two passenger cars collided head-on. Her co-driver succumbed to her injuries from a passenger who apparently failed to drive and drove in the opposite direction. Shortly after 5 pm, the […]

In the aftermath of the Tehran Military Complex Blast, Iran’s Nuclear Facilities Drown Out After the Red Rooster: Most Likely Sabotage!

Gridhot.ID – Iran is known as one of the countries that develop nuclear. However, recently Iran is undergoing apes. Reportedly the base of Iran’s nuclear facilities experienced a fire. Also Read: PLN Open Subsidies Again, Free Electricity subscriptions for July, Here are the Conditions The Natanz Fuel Enrichment Plant (FEP), Iran’s main uranium enrichment facility, […]

Maddie could live! Police were wrong to investigate the pedophile

Madeleine McCann has been missing for 13 long years. According to the German prosecutor’s office, the girl is mysteriously missing after her death. She was murdered by the well-known pedophile Christian Brueckner, who is listed as the main suspect. However, they claim that they have enough evidence of Brueckner, but they cannot confide it, this […]

Italian police seize Islamic State amphetamines

This is the “biggest seizure of amphetamines in the world”, with the discovery of 14 tons of this drug in the form of 84 million pills, according to the Italian authorities. The seizure of Captagon, made on ships in the port of Salerno, in the south of Naples, has the value of billion euros in […]

Abuses: Man from Norderstedt arrested | – News

Location: 01.07.2020 12:32 o’clock – NDR 1 Wave North In connection with the abuse cases in Münster, the police have temporarily arrested a man from Norderstedt. According to the police, the 52-year-old is suspected of having had contact with the alleged perpetrators. It has not yet been clarified whether he also abused children. “Just the […]