Poll | The majority of opinions affirmed that Al-Manfi’s demand to open an investigation into the incidents of the collapse of the Derna dams would go unheeded

Libya News 24 – Poll Following the disaster caused by the collapse of dams in the city of Derna, the President of the Presidential Council, Mohamed Al-Manfi, called on Attorney General Al-Siddiq Al-Sour to open a “comprehensive investigation” into the flood disaster that struck the city of Derna. Al-Manfi said: “We called on the Public […]

Congress of Peru in the crosshairs for not sharing crucial data in JNJ investigation

The Justice Commission of the Congress of the Republic is at the center of the controversy by refusing to provide crucial information related to the investigation involving the National Board of Justice (JNJ). This refusal occurs despite a court order that required the delivery of documents to resolve a habeas corpus presented in support of […]

Horror in Buenos Aires: they killed a man with 8 shots in front of his son

The Constitución neighborhood, in Buenos Aires, was the scene of a homicide in the early hours of Thursday, September 21. A man was shot to death in front of his 9-year-old son, who was also wounded. According to the newspaper Clarín, the attackers were following the victim in a car and waited for them to […]

Fertile egg or dish egg

Gutiérrez-Arenas Diana Angélica, Department of Veterinary and Zootechnics, Life Sciences Division, Irapuato-Salamanca Campus, University of Guanajuato Such a small capsule full of goodness that contributes both to human nutrition and to the miracle of life. The egg is a food of animal origin that has a high nutritional value and if we talk about protein […]