This is the most ‘collapsed’ Asian country because of Russia-Ukraine, is there Indonesia?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A recent study from the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) stated that Asia Pacific countries were the countries worst affected by the war between Russia and Ukraine. The domino effect between Russia and Ukraine occurred in several sectors, such as high food prices, energy availability, to tourism and weapons. Quoting CNBC International, […]

Rupees per ruble. Russia proposes India an alternative to SWIFT

A number of sanctions have been imposed on Russian banking since the invasion of Ukraine. In addition to suspending operations on Russian territory, companies such as Mastercard and Visa have cut off seven Russian banking companies from the SWIFT payment system. However, Russia has decided to strengthen the influence of its alternative transaction system SPFS, […]

US, Europe, Japan and Russia’s “economic war” front loosens The existence of “virtual currency” that attracts attention in the invasion of Ukraine: J-CAST Company Watch[Full text display]

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022, the role of virtual currency (cryptocurrency) is drawing attention again. It is said that Ukraine is using it to obtain support funds and has achieved good results, while Russia, which is subject to financial sanctions, is also using it to escape sanctions. The international […]

Yoichi Takahashi’s Kasumigaseki Watch The powerful impact of “economic sanctions” on Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine: J-CAST News[Full text]

Measures were taken at the end of February 2022 to exclude certain Russian banks from SWIFT (International Interbank Communications Association) in Japan, Europe and the United States. This is also called a “financial nuclear weapon,” and although some banks have been excluded to secure room for further strengthening sanctions, it is quite effective for the […]

Information BOX: Russia limits to SWIFT alternatives Settlement costs inevitably rise | Reuters

[Reuters]–Western countries have excluded some Russian banks that invaded Ukraine from the SWIFT (International Interbank Communication Association), an international remittance and payment system, and if the war does not end, there are also strengthening of exclusion measures. I warn you to get it. Therefore, Russia is likely to move to seek alternatives. On March 7, […]

Ukraine’s situation worsens, exchange rates, interest rates, US stocks, gold, Bitcoin reactions and future | Policy / Market Lab | Diamond Online

2022.3.7 4:35 Paid members only Photo:PIXTA The situation in UkraineUnexpected seriousness The situation in Ukraine was exacerbated by the start of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine on February 24. The author thought that although Russia is likely to invade Ukraine, the target area is limited to the effective control area of ​​the pro-Russian faction in […]

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