in theory he risks more than 15 years in prison

Posted on Friday, May 15, 2020 at 5:25 p.m. By D. H. After a little over a month on the run, the 18-year-old Molenbeekois, Moeze Karoui, who had been the subject of a wanted notice as of Wednesday, April 15, for stealing a police weapon and pan up in the air five times last Saturday […]

it affects not only the lungs, but the whole body

The first 10 days after the onset of symptoms of the disease, the 38-year-old American was feeling quite well. He was not at risk; he had no chronic diseases. – The man was examined, the disease was mild. The patient had a slight cough. Therefore, he was sent home for treatment, ‚ÄĚsays the head of […]

Industrial revolution: the roots of exceptional growth

How to explain the spectacular growth of the European economy from the end of the XVIIIe century? Why in Europe, and not elsewhere? These are the questions, essential but worn out after being asked, that the American historian Joel Mokyr tackles. His main idea is that “The explosion of technical progress in the West has […]

Richard Mervyn Hare, ethics at heart

Said law or guillotine de Hume does not cut heads: only undue conclusions or inferences. Those who move from “what is” to “what must be”, from what describes a fact (Paul is a doctor) in what is an imperative or a prescription (Anna must close the window). This “cut” is not so simple. May Paul […]

Discovery reinforces theory of early life on Mars

Those who argue the idea that there is life on Mars have obtained new data in favor of this hypothesis. A group of scientists from Japan found in samples of the meteorite of Martian origin Allan Hills 84001 a component that went unnoticed for decades: nitrogen trapped in the rock. The microscopist Atsuko Kobayashi, one […]

Scientist Robert May, father of chaos theory, dies

ABC Science Madrid Updated:05/04/2020 11: 46h save Australian scientist Robert May, father of the famouschaos theory, has died last week at 84 years old, as collected by The Guardian. Born in Sydney on January 8, 1938, May’s work was influential in biology, zoology, epidemiology, physics, and public policy. In his later times he applied scientific […]

Gertrude Stein, an ode to daring

The American Gertrude Stein (1874-1946) became rich and famous with Alice Toklas autobiography, written in six weeks in autumn 1932. In this delightful masterpiece, easy to read, which is not the case with all her books, she imagines a new device for writing her memoirs: she is described by its “Married”, the companion of her […]

Bell on bell (math) | Science

Going through the history of mathematics leads to unexpected places, in this case to the steeples of 17th century England. At that time, groups of English bell ringers met regularly to practice the art of ringing bells. They set out to ring the bells of a bell tower in all possible orders without repetition. Such […]

Theory states that the John Wick trilogy is part of a video game

One of the film sagas of recent years is John wick, which has stood out with 3 blockbuster and fun movies. As you can imagine, many of them are working with a lot of fans and one of them has an interesting theory about this trilogy and that is that it is actually a story […]

WHO: a first role undermined by “every man for himself”

Wash your hands, maintain social distance, and above all “Test, test, test”. There are three of them, every day at 5.30 p.m., two meters apart, lined up behind a desk at the end of a very long meeting room, which is deserted because it is forbidden to access. There is the director general, the Ethiopian […]