Living space in Freiburg is in short supply

View of Freiburg The city is considered an attractive place to live: Alsace is close at hand and there are many leisure activities. (Foto: Moment/Getty Images) Freiburg The southern Baden student city of Freiburg has always been good for surprises. From a political point of view, this was the last one: Two years ago, the first […]

a back alley in Toronto tagged entirely in black and grey in tribute to George Floyd

In Toronto, we hope to get the message : “the lives of black count”. Forty artists have revisited “Graffiti Alley”, an alley in the city centre of Toronto is famous for its graffiti-colourful, with drawings and portraits in honor of the anti-racism movement “Black Lives Matter”. The frescoes, in majority carried out in different levels […]

Discussion Do the SchUM cities belong under the protection of UNESCO?

Discuss: Prof. Dr. Maria Böhmer – President of the German Unesco Commission, Bonn, Florence Fischer – Art historian at Heidelberg University, Dr. Susanne Urban – managing director of the association SchUM-Städte Speyer, Worms, Mainz e.V. In the Middle Ages, Mainz, Worms and Speyer experienced a unique blossoming of Jewish life. They are the SchUM cities, […]

Rotterdam: In the water taxi to personal highlights of the city

DGetting to Rotterdam can be an experience even on a pitch-dark evening with pouring rain. You approach across the South Holland plain and suddenly there is this skyline: one skyscraper next to the other, thousands of lights. We pass a luminous salad bowl, “de Kuip”, the stadium of Feyenoord Rotterdam. Then continue towards the city […]

Art deco in India: Mumbai easily takes on Miami

Z.u It feels strange at the beginning. Residential towers are almost swallowed up by the gray smog. A ball of rattling auto rickshaws clogs the street, nothing works anymore. Their horns mix with the Bollywood pop from the car radio. Welcome to Mumbai, India’s “City of Dreams”. At first glance, anything but a dream destination. […]

Paris, London, Berlin: Pay attention to the city’s furniture

Klein test for lovers of city trips: Imagine that you go to the subway. In London. New York. Paris. Shoo away all known buildings, all sightseeing highlights of these cities from your imagination, just try to visualize the way, the sidewalks, the pavement, the street signs, finally the entrance to the subway, down the stairs. […]