The Champhol eco-district is taking shape

With its first inhabitants arriving about a year ago, the site of the former military base 122, in Champhol, is the first inhabited eco-district of the department. The standards required by the Ministry of Ecological Transition require other steps to be taken in the coming years to confirm the viability and the sustainable and environmentally […]

The skyline is growing: new skyscrapers for Frankfurt | Regional

Frankfurt – This skyline fascinates tourists and locals alike. Frankfurt is the only German city to offer a concentrated load of high-rise towers. They are coveted as a photo motif, but do not grow into the sky indiscriminately according to investor ideas. For more than 20 years, the city’s high-rise master plan has defined locations […]

A breath of fresh air in the old Hanseatic city

Rostock The Hanseatic city wants to become more modern and be inspired by Scandinavian cities. Rostock Anyone who loves the chic of the Côte d’Azur or the cool atmosphere of Copenhagen will certainly not find what they are looking for in Rostock – but there is also a lively marina and sea air in the […]

Real Estate Gelsenkirchen & Herne 2021: Departure in the Ruhr area

Gelsenkirchen in the evening Real estate prices are rising, but are still at a very low level compared to other large cities. (Photo: picture alliance / blickwinkel / S. Ziese) Gelsenkirchen, Herne Excavators dig holes in the ground, construction workers mix cement, trucks unload stones – an ordinary construction site in the Ruhr area that […]

New villages are emerging in the cities

Mannheim from the air The withdrawal of the US military will free up new living space in the metropolitan area. Mannheim New residential areas are often like small villages within the city: They not only offer modern residential buildings for young and old, but also shops, restaurants and on-site leisure opportunities. Residential housing is therefore […]

More and more people are moving to Potsdam

Downtown Potsdam High prices in the “Prussian Sylt”. (Photo: Karl Ovic / Unsplash) Potsdam As the little sister of the federal capital, the people of Potsdam tend to be reluctant to see themselves, let alone want to emulate the Berliners in anything. It is all the more remarkable what is currently happening on the local […]

BW wants to take countermeasures – SWR news

The prices for building land are rising and rising – also in Baden-Württemberg. The state now wants to broaden its nationwide unique property fund and thus help municipalities. Building land in Germany was more expensive than ever in 2020. A square meter of ready-to-build land cost an average of 199 euros, as the Federal Statistical […]