The closed streets in Rome on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October

Demonstrations, road works, the Lazio match and the Renato Zero concert. Week end of events in Rome, which will involve road detours and limited bus lines or with alternative routes. From 10 to 13, a procession is scheduled from Piazza della Repubblica to Piazza Madonna di Loreto promoted by Iranian students in Italy on the […]

By number of inhabitants, Colombia is the second largest country in South America

The projections of the United Nations (UN) suggest that on November 15 the global population will reach 8,000 million people, a new record for humanity. This implies that, in just 48 years, human beings will have doubled, going from 4,000 to 8,000. However, people are not distributed proportionally on the planet: while China and India […]

The United States confirms that its economy entered a recession in the second quarter

The US government confirmed this Thursday thatThe country’s economy fell 0.1% in the second quarter of the year, which means that it entered recessionbeing the second consecutive quarter of contraction. This is pointed out by the third and last official calculation of the economic evolution of the country published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics […]

Covid-19: the French encouraged to wear the mask in transport

“We must model ourselves on the Asian populations who have been wearing masks for a very long time”she insists. “It has to become some sort of civic gesture.” No question, however, for the Covars, responsible for advising the government well beyond the Covid-19, to claim any obligation. “As of today, there is no specter of […]

Paris: the town hall’s ultimatum to scooter operators

If the town hall wants to regulate the use of these two wheels, it is because they are now part of the urban landscape. A quarter of Parisians say they regularly use a scooter, according to a survey published Wednesday by Bolt, while the three operators point out that this sector represents 800 jobs in […]

China increases support for the yuan as the currency approaches its weakest point

China made it more expensive to bet against the yuan with derivatives, increasing support for the currency as it slides to the weakest level against the dollar since the 2008 global financial crisis. The People’s Bank of China said on Monday it will impose a 20% risk reserve requirement on foreign exchange forward sales by […]

Canada begins a long cleanup after Fiona dragged some houses into the sea

It will take several months for Canada to restore critical infrastructure after powerful storm Fiona left an “unprecedented” trail of destruction, officials said on Sunday, as crews fanned out across five provinces to restore power and clear fallen trees. and the debris. “It’s like a war zone,” said Brian Button, mayor of Port aux Basques, […]