For Sports “there are no problems” with Peñarol’s accountability

At this time, the Peñarol Club is subject to an investigation for embezzlement and yesterday there was a new chapter when, by court order, provincial government offices were raided in search of key documentation for the case being carried out by the Second Investigating Court. In this sense, the Undersecretary of Federated Sports and High […]

Public Accounting for Public Accountability «1 of 2»

The public sector of a normal, modern nation-state has a greater share of economic activity than any other economic actor, and in 2021, primary general government spending for G7 member states ranged from 39.41 percent of GDP in the United States to 57.66 percent of GDP. France’s gross domestic product. Successful emerging market economies such […]

The Accountability of the entities will change, they will have to answer to the people

The Administrative Department of the Public Function presented the commitment of the National Government, to transform the accountability of public entities, where, based on dialogue and integration, communities can inquire about the issues that interest them and the entities provide answers. clear. The new approach focuses on the care of the public and the effective […]

Commentary: The culture of accountability

Democracies are worth and survive only through the seriousness and vivacity imprinted on them by those who are responsible for animating them. To strengthen his adherence to the democratic system, a leader must know how to walk the talk by regularly reporting to the people on what he is doing in relation to his promises. […]

How has New Jersey spent its COVID relief funds?

On October 16, 2020, New Jersey launched the COVID-19 Transparency website, which tracks the State’s eligible and planned uses of any funds disbursed by the federal or State government to help New Jersey residents, businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and other entities respond to or recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit the site to see […]

Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform

PANRB Minister Abdullah Azwar Anas at Working Meeting with Commission II DPR RI, at Nusantara II Building, Jakarta, Monday (21/11). JAKARTA – The government continues to look for the best solution in handling the arrangement of non-state civil servants (ASN) or honorary workers in the country. Before Commission II of the Republic of Indonesia’s House […]