The Sainte-Trinité de Champmol reveals its medieval garden

AND UNDER THE MUD, A GARDEN Carried out prior to development work, Inrap’s diagnostics and excavations aim to find and save any archaeological data from a supposed site. In the case of the Charterhouse of Champmol, the archaeologists were able to rely on numerous period documents, such as plans and artists’ representations. “It is never […]

England: luxurious Roman old building renovation |

Who would have thought that the renovation of old buildings played a role back in Roman times? Archaeologists in England made exactly this discovery a few days ago. This is based on a building that was previously used purely for agriculture and which later became a luxurious steam bath. Fotos: Historic England / Facebook The […]

17th Century Child Mummy Reveals He Was Never Exposed To The Sun In His Lifetime

At the end of October 2022, the results of an exciting study were published in the journal Frontiers about a natural child mummy which is in Austria. The virtual autopsy of the tiny, hundreds-of-years-old body has allowed researchers to learn more about his health during his lifetime. The little boy, whose age at the time […]

They discovered a Thor’s hammer in Sweden: its size will surprise you

a group of archaeologists unearthed in Ysby (Sweden) an amulet of the hammer of Thor “one of a kind”. They found it near a site where a real estate development will take place, and they are surprised because is the first of the viking age discovered in that place. In Norse mythology, the hammer that […]

Archeology Tour Zurich | Guided Tours & Lectures | Guided tours & lectures / city tour

Archaeological excavations and finds tell exciting stories: On this archaeological tour in the city of Zurich, we will take you on an exciting journey through time.From the modern water supply to the legendary “Ehgraben” via the medieval Palatinate with a detour to the Roman baths in Thermengasse, the route continues to the Neolithic pile dwellings […]

In Chartres, a gigantic Gallo-Roman sanctuary

The archaeologists discovered a magnificent marble step basin, which testifies to the finesse of the work of the craftsmen of the time. Department of Archeology of Chartres Métropole STORY – More than a decade of excavations has unearthed an incredible archaeological site. The ancient city had one of the largest sanctuaries known to date. The […]

Archaeologists unearth a ceramic workshop in Gagny

Par Imane Ayed Published on 08/22/2022 at 15:50, Update on 08/22/2022 at 5:43 p.m. The excavations, which began in June, will last three months, then the site will be reburied to make way for an apartment building. Inrap Preventive archaeological excavations in Seine-Saint-Denis have brought to light a ceramic kiln from the 19e century as […]

“I’m sure one of the female mummies I’m studying is Nefertiti”

Just hearing the wordsTutankhamun” and “anniversary”, without even showing interest for the rest of the question, Zahi Hawass announces a great menu of archaeological surprises and parties to commemorate the centenary of the discovery of the tomb of the so-called child pharaoh. “We are going to have a great celebration in Egypt,” advances the enthusiastic, […]