A meteor crosses the skies of Ontario

Spectacular videos captured a meteor lighting up the sky over Niagara Falls and the CN Tower in Toronto. The “less than a meter” object, named #C8FF042, has turned into a fireball, the European Space Agency has confirmed. “A three-foot object struck in the sky over Niagara Falls, becoming a harmless fireball,” the agency wrote on […]

Snowstorm in New York worsens

USA.- Layers of snow that in some parts exceeded the height of a person buried parts of the west and north of New York, as a lake-effect storm swept through areas east of the lake on Saturday Erie and the lake Ontario for the third consecutive day, with the possibility of lasting more days. The […]

Climate adhesive attacked at road blockade in Linz – Upper Austria

As is so often the case on Monday, climate activists are blocking a main traffic artery in the morning traffic today. There is currently the first road blockade by climate activists in Upper Austria’s state capital Linz. Since 8 a.m., the “Last Generation Austria” has blocked all lanes of the central main road near the […]

photo session, lessons and paperwork in a relaxed atmosphere

Messi, Di María and the rest of the team, including Scaloni, carried out the photographic production and other obligations required by FIFA within hours of the debut against Saudi Arabia. The sandstorm is over. The winds that brought unexpected tensions in the preview of the debut within the Selection They left two casualties due to […]

China praises the US for constructive climate talks

The two climate summits have met at the COP27 climate summit in Egypt after Presidents Xi Jinping and Joe Biden agreed at the G20 summit earlier this week to resume the climate dialogue. On Saturday, Xie described the talks with Kerry as “candid, friendly, positive and above all constructive”. – We agree to continue the […]

Climate and data storage: On the digital garbage dump

Huge amounts of useless data are accumulating in company storage clouds. In bulk, storage becomes a climate killer. Nobody needs it, but it consumes energy: Dark Data Foto: homasxKoehler/photothek.netx Companies scatter their garbage in the digital space. Scientists and climate protectors warn that more and more of it, so-called dark data, is accumulating. These “dark […]

Beneficial fungi and bacteria would be an alternative for fertilization processes

The group Bacteriology Agricultural and Environmental (Ba&a) of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the Universidad de Antioquia has been working for 10 years in the search for microscopic organisms that serve to support traditional crops in the country, such as bananas, avocados or flowers.among others. The work of the educational institution has […]