Phew! A truck-sized asteroid has skimmed past Earth

Rewrite this content AFP, published on Friday, January 27, 2023 at 11:41 am A small, truck-sized asteroid that suddenly burst out of the darkness a few days ago with Earth in its sights passed us without doing any damage on Thursday, NASA said. Contrary to what has been seen many times in Hollywood movies, no […]

NASA probe could have been swallowed up by the surface of asteroid Bennu

When we think of asteroids, we often think of a large solid rock floating in space. But there are asteroids that are not as compact as rocks, but rather have a crumbling surface. This is the case of the asteroid Determine which was visited in October 2020 by the space probe OSIRIS-REx. The latter’s mission […]

China wants to crash ships against asteroids to prevent them from hitting Earth

More and more people are interested in being able to change the trajectory of a asteroid. A job that previously seemed to only carry out the NASAnow too China, through the China National Space Administration (CNSA), is developing a plan to defend the planet from asteroids. In the United States, for this plan they have […]

Why are astronomers unable to discover some asteroids approaching Earth?

Astronomers did not notice the asteroid 2021 SG, which approached Earth on September 17, and did not discover it until after the asteroid fell directly near the Earth, that is, at a distance of 240,000 km from it, which is less than the distance that separates the Moon from the Earth. This was admitted by […]

Le Matin – NASA prepares to launch Lucy to observe Jupiter’s asteroids

NASA is all set for Lucy’s launch next month, a 12-year mission that will first closely observe asteroids in the same orbit as Jupiter, in an effort to better understand how our system is formed. solar. The Trojan asteroids, of which about 7,000 are known, evolve around the Sun in two groups, one preceding Jupiter, […]

missiles planned to save Earth from an asteroid

Chinese space force points to asteroid Bennu as a potential danger and wants launch missiles to deviate it from its trajectory. The celestial body regularly crosses the orbit of the Blue Planet and could hit us within a hundred years according to experts. According to NASA, the chances of impact are relatively low, about 1/2700, […]