Do Kwon withdraws $2.7 billion from LUNA-UST.

Do Kwon denies allegations he withdrew $2.7 billion from LUNA and UST after alleged embezzlement, revealing his earnings two years after being paid in cash. ready to cut down on the loss that occurred website Report the movement of ‘Mr.Do Kwon‘ Co-founder of Ecosystem or ecosystem Terra (LUNA) and TerraUSD (UST) has denied allegations […]

5 Good News: Proof That Laughter Is The Best Medicine And More!

The news headlines may seem depressing, but there is good news and stories of hope. That is why we have set ourselves a new mission: discover what is going well in the world so that we can tell you about it. Here are the positive news this week: New technologies reveal secrets in one of […]

Cryptocurrencies are dead. Long live cryptocurrencies

The deep chasm between cryptocurrency evangelists and their opponents may never have been more pronounced. On Wednesday, Andreessen Horowitz, the most prominent venture capital group in the US Silicon Valley, made a $4.5 billion bet [4,2 mil milhões de euros] in what he called a “golden age” for cryptocurrencies, citing “a massive wave of world-class […]

Do Kwon amends Terra hard fork proposal

Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon has made changes to his proposal to hard fork the Terra blockchain. According to him, he edited several parameters for the distribution of tokens of the new network “taking into account the opinion of the community.” On May 16, Kwon initiated a hard fork vote, calling it “a chance to […]

Beware that KUBCOIN will end up repeating LUNA (end) / Sunan Srichantra

Crypto speculators are no different from gamblers. Because when they can play, they will brag about Chang Cheng. but the waste of time is silent Today, the voice of Generation Y or the new generation of young people who flock to him to play digital money. It was completely silent. after many years chatting tumultuously […]