Health of baby girls affected by temperatures during pregnancy, new study finds

By Lea Mabilon Posted yesterday at 2:37 p.m. , Update yesterday at 4:14 p.m. The study was conducted by scientists from Insern, the University of Grenoble and the CNRS on 343 women and their children. Sally Anscombe Published in the journal JAMA Network Open by scientists from Inserm, the University of Grenoble and the CNRS, […]

Sudden and unexpected infant deaths increased among black babies in 2020

CNN— Every year, thousands of babies die suddenly and unexpectedly, and more than 3,300 young lives were lost in 2020. Rates have remained stubbornly high in the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, even as overall infant mortality has dropped to a record low. A study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics found that the […]

a report recommends the closure of small maternities to strengthen the large ones

In a document presented this Tuesday to the Academy of Medicine, the head of the maternity hospital at Necker suggests leaving birth management to large establishments to focus on monitoring before and after childbirth. To overcome the maternity crisis, more should be closed. The measure proposed by Yves Ville, head of the maternity ward at […]

Paris Hilton plans more babies: 20 male embryos frozen

Since the end of January 2023, heiress Paris Hilton (42) and her husband Carter Reum (42) have had a son. A surrogate mother gave birth to little Phoenix Barron. But it shouldn’t just stay with one child. The 42-year-old longs for a daughter. However, this could be difficult… At this point you will find external […]

The lawyer of one of the exchanged babies claims 850,000 euros in compensation

Rewrite this content SONIA THIRD The payment of the amount agreed as compensation by the Governing Council of La Rioja four months ago is independent of the judicial process that the lawyer José Saez Morga also undertook José Saez Morga, lawyer for one of the exchanged babies, has required the president of the Governing Council, […]

Acquitted of sending photos of babies with dog faces

The Criminal Court 2 of Ourense has acquitted Zorel YA of an alleged crime of harassment or serious harassment of her ex-husband’s current wife for not considering the proven facts as a result of the lack of evidence. This woman had been accused of sending the victim emails with insulting and execrable messages, and humiliating […]

Eight babies died of sudden infant death in Krefeld in 2021

July 5, 2022 at 4:00 p.m Infant mortality in Krefeld : Eight babies died in the first year An infant on the maternity ward Photo: dpa/Arno Burgi Krefeld It’s horrific for the parents: the newborn child dies. Four girls and four boys died in their first year of life in Krefeld last year. The reasons […]