The Giant Penguin from New Zealand Has Doppelganger, What Like? Page all – Researchers claim to find striking similarities in the bones of ancient penguin fossils from New Zealand with those found in the northern hemisphere. The New Zealand giant penguin is known to have lived 62 million years ago, and based on a study published in Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research, apparently this […]

The striped-legged tick settles in France

Every Sunday, find the chronicle “the stupid age”, the animal meeting of Liberation. Striped and fairly long legs, elongated mouthparts, body size ranging from eight millimeters to two centimeters… These characteristics of the tick Hyalomma marginatum make it stand out from its peers. Established for about five years on the Mediterranean coast, the species is […]

Waiting for the thaw: a blood ballerina, a “Pandemix” and VHS MTV

With slippers Maintained since 1948 in the state of an intact fairyland over the years, the red slippers can only be discovered in the vapes of dazzled levitation, as witnessed by all the filmmakers (from Brian De Palma to Darren Aronofsky) who slipped in his shadow or in his steps. In this Faustian parable where […]

The artificial bird poop, the solution to take care of the paint of your car

YE. Madrid Updated:05/10/2020 02: 07h save Related news Bird droppings can have serious implications on your car paint, but fortunately Ford vehicles prepare to combat this eventuality with the help of artificial bird poop. Yes, you read it right. The synthetic feces developed in the laboratory are so realistic that they can accurately reflect the […]

Over a hundred bookstores are trying to deconfinate books

“Click and collect“,”pickup“,”drive“: What is happening is so new that we have not yet found a word in French to say it. In any case, the bookstores – closed since March 16 and today in the red like many other local shops – have been opening their doors for a few days to allow you […]

“Burning Your Wings”, the flight of a city bird

In the HLM city where they grew up, in Motherwell near Glasgow (Scotland), they are nicknamed “Scheme birds”. The expression, which gives its original title to this documentary (much more poetic and eloquent than the French formulation “To burn your wings”), could be translated as “city birds” or “neighborhood lads”. With no diplomas, no jobs, […]

The 10 newly discovered bird species that will disappear in 20 years | Science

Frank E. Rheindt, researcher in the department of biological sciences of the National University of SingaporeHe traveled to the Wallacea Islands on his own to watch birds. During that 2009 expedition, the scientist discovered new birds that he did not know. Four years later, he left with his team to collect all the information and […]

The network rated the all-terrain vehicle ZIL-49061 “Blue Bird”

A unique Russian all-terrain vehicle called “Blue Bird”, released in the amount of 24 pieces. This car is a 1985 model year, which is in excellent technical condition. Sealed fiberglass body on an aluminum frame. The machine consists of a crew cabin and a separate cabin with 7 seats and a fiberglass hood. Inside the […]