Incidence value is falling: 62 new corona cases in the state of Bremen

Infographic Stand date: January 14, 2021. 52 new cases in Bremen, ten in Bremerhaven Incidence values ​​are falling slightly in both cities According to the health department, there are no other deaths The incidence values ​​in Bremen and Bremerhaven are falling slightly, but are not yet back to the level of the previous week. Image: […]

Bremen CDU calls for tasers for the police – news from Bremen

After two model tests, the Bremen police demand the introduction of tasers. (Andreas Arnold / dpa) The CDU parliamentary group joins the demand for a “timely introduction” of tasers to the Bremen police. As the Christian Democrats announced, the red-green-red Senate must vote for a way. “After more than two years of political discussion and […]

Lockdown: children move too little – news from Bremen

Scientists say that children and young people are far too seldom on the move during the lockdown. (Andrea Grotheer) Children and adolescents do not have enough exercise during the corona lockdown. This is the result of a study by the Institute for Technology and the University of Education in Karlsruhe. The Bremen sports scientist Mirko […]