Falabella’s departure from the country: four candidates to buy Sodimac

The departure of the group Falabella of Argentina would begin to be defined within two weeks, with the sale of one of its divisions, the chain of materials for construction and household products Sodimac. There would be four candidates to buy this division, which has both its working capital and the use of the brand […]

Gérald Darmanin in a zone of turbulence

Reserved for subscribers STORY – In an eruptive context, the controversy aroused by the will of the Minister of the Interior to supervise the dissemination of images of the police as part of the text on “global security” could leave traces. By Mathilde Siraud Posted the 11/25/2020 at 8:30 p.m., Update yesterday at 19:09 Gérald […]

update on the 11 candidate vaccines in the final phase of human trials

> “Messenger RNA” at the cutting edge: These are at present the potential vaccines that appear to be the most advanced, using ultra-innovative technology. It involves injecting our cells with strands of genetic instructions called messenger RNA, to make them manufacture specific proteins or “antigens” of the coronavirus. These proteins will be delivered to the […]

update on the 11 candidate vaccines in the final phase of human trials

Faced with Covid-19, 48 vaccine candidates are currently in clinical trials on humans. But only eleven have entered phase 3, the last before the approval of the authorities, according to the World Health Organization. Update on these candidates, likely to arrive on the market first. > “Messenger RNA” at the cutting edge: These are at […]

“violent” intrusion of demonstrators during the municipal council

Several dozen demonstrators “violently” burst Thursday evening into a meeting of the Saint-Denis municipal council and “physically” attacked several elected officials, said the town hall, which intends to file a complaint. Through Le Figaro with AFP Several dozen demonstrators made “violently“Intrusion Thursday evening in a meeting of the municipal council of Saint-Denis and attacked”physically“Several elected, […]

Emmanuel André tempers Pfizer’s announcement: “We are still waiting for other vaccine candidates”

The announcement made by Pfizer was received very positively, but this announcement must still be tempered. Pfizer and BioNTech positively surprised the scientific community by announcing very high efficacy results for their vaccine candidate. Currently in phase 3 testing, pharmaceutical companies have presented results indicating that their vaccine candidate is 90% effective. However, uncertainties remain […]

US elections: Georgia will recount votes

In Georgia, the fight is for the votes of 16 electors. The gap between the candidates does not exceed 2 thousand votes. The authorities of the US state of Georgia will recount the votes cast in the presidential election. This was announced on Friday, November 6, by Vice Governor Brad Raffensperger at a press conference, […]

Does the 2022 race for the Presidency of the Republic begin?

Although it still takes almost two years for the next elections, analysts consulted by EL HERALDO consider that the political race for the Presidency of the Republic of 2022. For the political scientist and professor at the Universidad del Norte Ángel Tuirán “the latest movements of important actors on the Colombian political scene indicate that, […]

Gérald Darmanin receives Eric Piolle

The mayor of Grenoble blamed the Minister of the Interior for having made a “coup” in his city. The two men meet this Monday. By Le Figaro with AFP The mayor of Grenoble Eric Piolle in Paris on August 22, 2020. ALAIN JOCARD / AFP The mayor of Grenoble, Eric Piolle (EELV), will be received […]