Compulsory health insurance (monitored by the municipalities) – Municipalities portal

Compulsory health insurance (monitored by the municipalities) The communes are responsible for checking that their nationals are affiliated to compulsory health insurance. At the time of registering for the control of the inhabitants of the municipality or at the time of a birth, any person must bring proof, by a certificate, that he is insured […]

The 32 communes that advanced and retreated from phase on Wednesday

The measure was adopted as a result of the increase in cases that has been registered in the country in recent weeks. Starting at 05:00 hours this Wednesday, November 3, 32 were the communes changed phase in the framework of new Step by Step Plan. Measure it was adopted as a result of the increase […]

Tour de France – Stage Center Val de Loire, Agglopolys, Salle Michel Angers, 1 rue Honoré de Balzac, 41000 BLOIS – WEDNESDAY 24 NOVEMBER (9.30 a.m.> 12 p.m.)

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 24 (9:30 a.m.> 12 p.m.) Center Val-de-Loire delegation Agglopolys, room Michel Angers, 1 rue Honoré de Balzac, 41000 BLOIS Presidential elections of 2022: Which act 4 for decentralization? The 2022 presidential election campaign is likely to be unlike any other. Still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic and its varying societal impacts, our fellow […]

Real estate: the cheapest municipalities in Belgium

AIn the first half of the year, the median price of a house of the closed or semi-closed type (two or three facades) amounted to 230,000 euros, indicates on Friday the Belgian statistical office Statbel. Strong regional disparities persist and the Walloon Region remains the cheapest for buying a house of this type with a […]

Business creation / Economy and employment / Home

The Communauté de Communes Faucigny Glières (CCFG) financially supports the structures which intervene on its perimeter and open to the public, whatever their problematic for all the support needs towards employment, vocational training, creation and development of company : .

Faced with the risk of flooding, emergency cleanings ordered in several municipalities

Most of the sewers in the flooded areas are filled with debris, stones and waste of all kinds, said Minister Ecolo in a press release. Dsewer cleaning work was urgently ordered in several Walloon municipalities to limit the risk of further flooding, Environment Minister Céline Tellier said on Friday, while the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) […]

Commune of Santiago advances to phase 2 of Transition

The Ministry of Health reported on Monday new changes in the “Step by Step” plan in various communes of the country, whose setbacks and advances will begin to be applied from Thursday at 05:00 hours. Advance to Transition Santiago, Pozo Almonte, Salamanca, Putaendo, San Felipe, Quilpué, Calle Larga, Villa Alemana, Los Andes, Algarrobo, La Cruz, […]

New municipalities recognized in a state of natural disaster in Flanders

Lhe official journal has just published, this Friday, May 7, the list of municipalities that are recognized in a state of natural disaster for the year 2020. In the North, many municipalities are on the list. Regarding the differential ground movements following drought and soil rehydration from April 1 to June 30, 2020: Blaringhem, Boëseghem, […]