Rampage in Heidelberg: Student announced shots via Whatsapp

Berlin. At the University of Heidelberg, a man injured three people with a gun and killed a woman. What is known about the crime so far. There was a killing spree at the University of Heidelberg on Monday A student is said to have shot several people, a woman died What is known so far […]

Demo against Corona rules turns into violence

PThe protests against the corona restrictions in Brussels with around 50,000 participants from home and abroad turned violent on Sunday. Some participants threw stones and firecrackers, the police used tear gas and water cannons. About 70 demonstrators were arrested. According to the police, three emergency services and twelve demonstrators were hospitalized with injuries. EU foreign […]

Dangerous goods accident in port – corrosive substance spills

Barrels with a dangerous liquid spilled while loading a freighter in the port of Bremen. The police are investigating. In an accident involving dangerous goods in the port of Bremen, four barrels containing a corrosive substance leaked. About 150 liters of potassium hydroxide polluted the soil and the water in the harbor basin, the police […]

Hesse: child porn raid on ten women and 54 men Regional

Wiesbaden – In Hesse, investigators have struck again against child porn producers and users. Particularly shocking: Among the suspects are women. In the third week of January, the police searched 57 homes. 64 of the accused are charged with the production, possession and distribution of child pornography or the sexual abuse of children. Ten of […]

Define each academic unit of the BUAP dates for safe face-to-face return

Internal Supervision and Biosafety committees were formed that will be in charge of the periodic review of the facilities, as well as the acquisition of supplies and personal protection equipment. Puebla, Pue.- BUAP students return to face-to-face classes, in stages and with established protocols, to preserve your health from all risks. Among other actions, the […]

Police Care About Dengue Fever Cases

PONOROGO, KOMPAS.TV – A police officer at the Ponorogo Regional Police often conducts fogging independently in a number of settlements. Not only trying to eradicate mosquito nests, the police also reminded residents to live clean. This was done after Ponorogo was designated as the area with the second highest dengue fever case in East Java. […]

“Thinking outside the box” demonstration in Offenbach

In the city center of Offenbach, more than a thousand people demonstrated on Saturday with a protest march against compulsory vaccination and the state corona rules. According to the police, around 1,200 people took part in the protest, slightly fewer than expected. At counter-rallies, around 300 people demonstrated against the protest march. The protest march […]