Zero tolerance: why Chicago is sinking into violence and New York is alive

Et in the history of New York City there have repeatedly been phases in which the city seemed to sink into a wave of violence. One of them wasn’t that long ago. In the early 1990s, the police counted more than 1.1 million crimes each year. There were 100,000 break-ins, over 200,000 robberies and nearly […]

Prices for condominiums also rise in Corona times

29 July 2020, 14:37 Real estate prices in Germany continue to rise during the corona crisis. In the first 6 months of 2020, condominiums will be up to a third more expensive than in the previous year. Where it went up most clearly. Munich is still the most expensive real estate location. Trend: increasing The […]

Eintracht and lily supporters engage in mass brawls

A large-scale police operation triggered football fans on the motorway near Weiterstadt. Image: dpa Supporters of SV Darmstadt and Eintracht Frankfurt have agreed to a mass brawl and thereby triggered a large police operation. The dispute extended to the Autobahn. Rand 240 supporters of the football clubs SV Darmstadt 98 and Eintracht Frankfurt had a […]

Steep increase in infections in Offenbach

WSince the sudden increase in new corona infections in Offenbach has continued from Friday to Sunday, the third stage of the state of Hesse’s concept to combat the pandemic now applies in the 140,000-inhabitant city. According to the figures published by the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs on Sunday, the number of newly infected people […]

Big Apple: The man who reinvented New York for a dollar

AFrom European history we know the phenomenon of enlightened absolutism. In the 18th century, monarchs like Joseph II introduced progressive reforms in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy: arbitrary rule was to be ended, religious tolerance was to be encouraged. No more torture, no more witch trials – instead an expansion of the bureaucracy and compulsory schooling. The […]

Trump threatens to turn off the money tap in democratically governed cities

AAmerica’s President Donald Trump has laid the foundation for turning off the “anarchist” cities ruled by Democrats. Trump instructed Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday (local time) to draw up a list of cities and states that allow “anarchy, violence and destruction” within 14 days. Recommendations should be available no later than 30 days as […]

Another black man shot. Dijon was supposed to break traffic rules on his bike

The fight was to take place after two police officers tried to stop African-American Dijon Kizzee (29), who was to break several road rules on a bicycle. According to their statement, Dijon decided to flee and the police finally caught him a few blocks away. The pair of officers then testified that Dijon should have […]

Girl kidnapped at service station when mother paid for fuel – World

A moment of inattention by a mother led a man to kidnap his daughter at the age of four in Ukraine. The situation happened on Monday night at a service station in Boryspil, about 20 kilometers from Kiev. In the images recorded by a surveillance camera at the service station, a man is seen standing […]