purses and crack pipe found in stolen vehicles

Two cars were intercepted by the police last night, in Nantes and Rezé. Le Figaro Nantes The night of Monday to Tuesday November 22 was agitated. In Rezé, the police found, in a stolen car, two women’s handbags, a shopping bag, and other objects probably also stolen. At 1:10 a.m., the police spotted a motorist […]

Process for poison attack at the TU Darmstadt

DThe voice changes, sometimes it’s soft, sometimes it’s hard. Not only the pitch differs, but also the choice of words. Once the woman asks the police for help. Sounds delicate and fragile as she talks about being insulted by “stalkers”: “I need protection.” Then her voice is loud, rough and deep, almost sounding male. With […]

Serious accident on the A1 – full closure between Bremen and Hamburg

Accident with consequences: A truck drives into another. A man is seriously injured. Nothing is currently going on the affected A1 in the direction of Hamburg. Due to a serious accident, the A1 is currently closed at the Stuckenborstel junction in the direction of Hamburg. Motorists should use the B75, appropriate diversions have been set […]

Childhood, couple, work… Women more frequently victims of violence than men

Before the age of 15, more than one woman in five (21%) declares having suffered violence in her family, whether of a psychological, physical or sexual nature, compared to 17% for men. Inside and outside the family sphere, women are also still more exposed to violence, especially sexual violence, than men (6% or 5% against […]

The police searched for water theft, but they found drugs

The police went to inspect a house in Balatonkenes after a utility service provider filed a complaint about illegal water sampling, but they found a large amount of drugs on the spot. The investigators – together with the on-site specialists of the electricity supplier and the water works – established for the first time that […]

So-called police affair in Baden-Württemberg – the journalist as a witness

Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) plays a decisive role in the “police affair” and has already been questioned twice by the state parliament’s committee of inquiry (picture alliance / dpa / Bernd Weißbrod) At the end of 2021, the piercing of a letter from a lawyer started a ball that has not come to rest […]

Demonstration against trans and queer hostile violence in Bremen – dpa

IIn Bremen, several hundred people protested against discrimination and violence against trans and queer people on Saturday. According to the organizers, around 400 people came, according to the police around 350. They moved from Neustadt to Bremen City. The “Bite Back Alliance”, an association of queer people and supporters, had called for the rally. In […]