In Moscow, Pussy Riot members hit a police officer during arrest

Two Pussy Riot members, Maria Alekhina and Lyusya Stein, were detained in Moscow for participating in an uncoordinated rally in support of Alexei Navalny. According to TASS, during the arrest, they hit a police officer in a car. The incident took place in Bolshoy Afanasyevsky Lane. Now the activists are at the police station. Meanwhile, […]

▷ POL-MZG: Police are looking for witnesses to a road traffic hazard

24.01.2021 – 05:18 Police station Merzig Merzig, district of Brotdorf (ots) On Saturday, January 23rd, 2021 at around 5:30 p.m., the driver of a black BMW 1 fled ruthlessly from a traffic control in Brotdorf. On the route in the direction of Bachem and Rimlingen, he endangered several overtaken and oncoming drivers. A few hours […]

Corona violations: Increased controls this weekend | – Nachrichten – Lower Saxony

Status: 23.01.2021 8:36 a.m. Parties and too much rush to excursion destinations: The police had to intervene repeatedly because of corona violations, especially on weekends. The officials have prepared accordingly this time. For example in the Nienburg area: According to the information, mostly smaller parties, but prohibited by the Corona regulation, have been celebrated there, […]

▷ POL-MA: Heidelberg-Pfaffengrund: Burglary in a department store for the needy

17.12.2020 – 09:08 Police headquarters Mannheim Heidelberg (ots) In the period from Tuesday, 4 p.m. to Wednesday, 9:45 a.m., previously unknown perpetrators forcibly gained access to a department store for the needy on Siemensstrasse and stole costume jewelry of previously unknown value. The perpetrators threw in two window panes, levered open another window and got […]

Insulting WhatsApp messages: Berlin police trainees dismissed

BerlinBecause of the urgent suspicion of repeated misconduct, the police terminated the training relationship with a young man. A search warrant had previously been carried out, which led to the discovery of relevant evidence. Another trainee had stated that the suspect had repeatedly made urgent and aggressive statements to another trainee. In addition, the accused […]

First caught with cannabis in your urine or blood? (Police)

Good evening I have a question that breaks my head because there are many different things on the Internet .. I hope someone can answer that who has a clue. So I haven’t had my driving license for 14 years during my probationary period. On Tuesday I was caught for the FIRST time with cannabis […]

▷ POL-FR: Paint smears again in the Löffingen school center area

19.01.2021 – 13:42 Police Headquarters Freiburg Freiburg (ots) District of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald [Gemeinde Löffingen;] In the course of the past weekend there were repeated damage to property due to paint smears. Unknown people sprayed the stairs of the Dreifeldsporthalde with red paint. This resulted in not inconsiderable property damage. The Löffingen police station has started the […]

What’s wrong Durán! They find an arsenal that apparently served the crime

Agents of the Directorate General of Intelligence and the Judicial Police They arrested an older adult inside a house located on Cuenca and Yaguachi streets in the Duran canton. The man was in illegal possession of 15 firearms, ammunition and gunpowder. Complaints from the community allowed the Police to verify the existence of the arsenal, […]

One dead in an apartment fire – A661 closed after a truck accident on Wednesday

Frankfurt. In an apartment fire in Frankfurt’s Westend, a person was killed on Wednesday night. The fire broke out on the 4th floor around 3:30 for an unknown cause. It burned out completely, as the fire department announced. This apparently also included a sauna, which was located in the 150 square meter apartment. The cause […]