Index – Economy – A brutal drop in gasoline prices is coming from Wednesday

According to their announcement, the market price of gasoline will drop by HUF 26 in an unusually large way. Diesel, on the other hand, will be HUF 7 more expensive. In light of this, the average market prices from Wednesday will be as follows: 95 gasoline: HUF 740.9/liter, diesel 787.9 HUF/liter. Due to the government […]

From London to Madrid, BMW did not consume a single tank of diesel

The popular videographer wanted to prove that modern diesel engines are far from being buried, and can even work more efficiently than any fuel- or battery-powered vehicle. In London, they got into a fully fueled, five-year-old BMW 730d and didn’t even stop until Madrid, at least not to refuel. They did not go extremely slowly, […]

Tragicomic photo of a domestic OMV well

Since it has been a long time since you can fill up a can only at the market price (or not at all), those who would only take a little fuel to the lawnmower are forced to pay the HUF 800-900 price per liter. In the picture below, you can see how someone pushed the […]

Dear fuels: Codacons, 7 Prosecutors and Gdf at work – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 19 – After the Antitrust, both the Prosecutors and the Guardia di Finanza accepted the Codacons complaint (sent to the Competition Authority and 104 Public Prosecutors throughout Italy), launching investigations in the territory aimed at verifying any speculations on petrol and diesel which have led to the abnormal increase in prices […]

Diesel scam of 200 million, 172 complaints and 45 million VAT evaded – Abruzzo

Gdf of Pescara discovers national traffic with imported fuel Maxi operation of the Guardia di Finanza of Pescara which unearths a taxable amount of 207 million, for an evaded VAT of over 45 million and pre-emptively seized for almost 8 million. The suspects were selling imported fuel under the counter at off-market […]

“Citizens on their knees due to unjustified increases and speculation”

The bloodletting of the dear-energy, now to bring citizens to their knees is also the expensive fuel that in recent days is causing big problems both to individuals and companies at all latitudes. An already very difficult situation and that, due to the uncertainty in the war between Russia and Ukraine, is likely to worsen […]