Fuels are getting cheaper. Gas stations blow inflated margins

Pumpers are once again “magical” with margins. Diesel prices are 10 crowns per liter higher than on the eve of the invasion, even though oil is now traded at a comparable price in crowns as it was then. The price of fuel in the Czech Republic fell significantly in the past week. Gasoline was sold […]

Selected pumps must compare price

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), CNG (compressed natural gas) and electricity for charging electric cars are considered alternative fuels for these purposes. The table is published on its website by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MPO) and will be updated twice a year. Pumps that are subject to the obligation must post the new table […]

Whoops! Almost a Million Cars Didn’t Pass MyPertamina Registration, Here’s Why

Jakarta – Pertamina is still opening car registrations to be able to buy subsidized fuel. But it turns out that there are very many applicants who are considered not to pass. What’s the reason? As of early October, PT Pertamina noted that there had been 2,872,924 vehicles registered with MyPertamina to be able to purchase […]

Many Buy Gasoline Using ATM Cards Charge Rp 5,000, Pertamina Apologizes

Jakarta – A netizen revealed that he had to pay an administration fee of Rp. 5,000 when purchasing fuel oil (BBM) using a BCA debit card on Bank Mandiri’s EDC (Electronic Data Capture) machine. Apparently the voice of netizen @apinka24 is not wrong, by asking why transactions are subject to an admin fee of IDR […]

A car caught fire on AM “Trakia” next to a gas station before Pazardzhik…

A car caught fire near a gas station at an “OMV” gas station near the Pazardzhik village of Vinogradets, in the direction of Plovdiv on the “Trakia” highway, readers of “Maritsa” alerted. “It has already been extinguished, and the incident happened in the area of ​​the 73rd kilometer. The signal was given around 12:30 today,” […]