Where is the “overall design” for the traffic light alliance?

In the coalition negotiations for a future traffic light alliance for Germany, not everything seems to be going as smoothly as many hoped: The negotiating partners of the SPD, Greens and FDP have apparently not yet been able to agree on certain points. Climate policy – a matter for the Greens? In the interview: Albrecht […]

Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

According to Dr. Paweł Grzesiowski from the Supreme Medical Council for COVID-19, the introduction of the fourth dose of the vaccine cannot be ruled out. – Every person who is chronically ill should see a doctor, because maybe they will need another dose – said Grzesiowski in an interview with Radio Zet. According to Dr. […]

DFB Cup: Schalke in Villingen, West hit for VfL Bochum

Essen. The first round of the DFB Cup is drawn. Schalke has to go to Villingen, BVB to Wiesbaden. Wuppertaler SV is waiting for VfL Bochum. Ejf Gvàcbmm.FN hfiu jo ejf Foeqibtf- ovs opdi esfj Tqjfmf tufifo cfjn Uvsojfs bo) = b isfgµ # iuuqt; 00xxx / xb {/ef0tqpsu0fn.3132.ufsnjo.ebuvn.tqjfmf.xt.bt.xt : / iunm #? bmmf Jogpt […]

Finance – How Consumers Get Rid of Their Loan Agreement – Economy

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Anyone who has taken out a loan can still revoke it years after it was taken out. This results from judgments of the European Court of Justice (ECJ; Ref .: C-33/20, C-155/20 and C-187/20). The reason: banks and savings banks did not adequately inform their customers about the legal situation […]

Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

Marianna Schreiber described her diet plans on Instagram. At the same time, she published a photo in a dress with a huge slit. The celebrity posed with her daughter. It wouldn’t be surprising if fans hadn’t noticed that he probably isn’t wearing underwear. This outraged some of her observers. They decided that posing in a […]

Consumer advocates demand compensation for high gasoline costs

Because of the high energy prices, consumer advocates are now calling for relief for citizens. One suggestion is income-related pay. In addition, gas barriers would have to be suspended. Germany’s top consumer advocate has spoken out in favor of relieving consumers with the high gasoline and diesel prices. “With a view to the high gasoline […]

Kangaroos falter on the home stretch

Iserlohn. Second division basketball team Iserlohn is defeated at SC Rist Wedel with 77:89. In the final phase, the kangaroos lose their playful line. Ejf Lbohbsppt ibcfo tjdi jo efs Tdimvttqibtf nju ýcfsibtufufo Blujpofo vn fjof Tjfhdibodf cfj efo ‟Opsemjdiufso” hfcsbdiu / Xfefm ovu {uf ejf Jtfsmpiofs Tdjfsfbb qgjfb. Lbqjuåo Kptivb Ebinfo ibuuf tdipo jn […]