The Allure of In-N-Out: Why Celebrities Can’t Resist the California Burger Chain

No one could have said it more beautifully than Paris Hilton. “I was just incredibly hungry,” admitted the American hotel heiress and reality actress after a drunken drive. “And I wanted a burger from In-N-Out.” Hilton’s encounter with the police in Hollywood ended in handcuffs 17 years ago. For the burger chain In-N-Out, it became […]

Celebrities Donate Millions to Foundations for Actors and Screenwriters in Hollywood

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Steven Spielberg and Jennifer López are among the list of celebrities who donated an average of one million dollars each to different foundations for actors and screenwriters before the stoppage of activities in Hollywood. To the foundation of the union of actors SAG-AFTRA Foundation entered 15 million dollars to […]

The best love movies for Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day love movies we have brought you, which you can watch even if you are alone and spending the night with your best friend on February 14, but also if you have a loved one and are coming home from holiday dates with them. Thanks, Simon Simon is an ordinary teenage boy, except […]

Passage to Paradise: 5 curious facts about “Passage to Paradise”

passage to paradise. ESPECIAL/UNIVERSAL PICTURES. passage to paradise is the romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney, directed by Ol Parker, which premiered in the first week of October and has caused a sensation in movie theaters. The plot is about a divorced couple, who are willing to do everything possible to prevent their […]

Julia Roberts turns 55 today

As simple a task as it seems to the 55-year-old today Julia Robertswriting about is actually so difficult, since she is the actress that everyone knows. In the ’90s, he burst into the public consciousness with a gigantic smile and an amazing crown of hair, and he worked his way up to the ranks of […]

George Clooney hates Julia Roberts so much he’s about to kiss her

George Clooney-Julia Roberts, who played bickering ex-married couples, apparently had fun filming the tropical rom-com. Unfortunately, the viewer is not given this privilege. Jumping into Paradise – criticism Hollywood’s old favorite topos, when burnt out/embittered/at an emotional-spiritual dead end – and not by the way: rich, white – actors think of one thing, leave the […]