On the arduous work of a writer, by Pierre Assouline

Basically, it is no coincidence that the expression “book chain” is so widespread: those who participate in it live like chained people. Also these galley slaves of the literary life largely deserve that their statute be revised in the light of the current debates on the arduousness with work. The publishers? They always complained. Since […]

The humans behind the synthetic voices of Apple audiobooks are fighting back

At the beginning of January, Apple launched in a certain discretion a series of audio books read by artificial voices. No great novels or classics, whose narration remains provided by professionals, but works of fiction and romance with a small circulation. This is a way for Apple to offer its services to make audio books […]

“Blood Country” by Paul Auster and Spencer Ostrander: autopsy of American violence

By Serge Bressan – Lagrandeparade.fr / Some talk about “mass killings”. Others speak of “mass shootings”. In two days at the end of January 2023, the United States experienced horror. First, a man enters a nightclub in the suburbs of Los Angeles, he shoots, balance sheet: 11 dead, 9 injured. Forty-eight hours later, in farms […]

A story from afar – So far so close

Published on : 05/02/2023 – 01:00 Constantly pushed back, the limits of the known world have always fascinated and worried the West. Conducive to the imagination and to travel, these places were first of all strange to then be widely explored and dominated. Political, exotic or magnetic, the distant order space and provide information on […]

Paul Auster, Dror Mishani and Emmanuel Flesch: the books not to be missed

country of blood By Paul Auster, trans. of the American by Anne-Laure Tissut. Actes Sud, 208 p., €26. The rating of L’Express: 4/5 Blood Country By Paul Auster, trans. of the American by Anne-Laure Tissut. © / South Acts A History of Gun Violence in the United States, the subtitle of this fascinating essay is […]

A trip to Russia – Sheet

A trip to Russia Beauchemin in the Land of the Soviets: A Tale of Delightful Absurdity Beauchemin, Yves delivered: Qubec Amrique Collection : qa EAN : 9782764440926 Media Code : 000208424 Format: Poche Thme(s) : GOGRAPHY & TOURISM, LITTRATURE – FICTION & ESSAY Topics) : Humor, Qubec literature, Travelogue, Russia / Former USSR Pages : […]

Books. Our selection of picture books to offer that will amaze children

You have to go back to 1957 to find the reference album Father Castor’s picture book. Each image is accompanied by a caption and gradually leads the child to recognize and name representations of everyday life. Since then, many artists have appropriated the genre – a French specialty whose term has no equivalent in other […]

Thierry Beinstingel, winner of the Media Gold Leaf Prize

Thierry Beinstingel is the winner of the Prix de la Feuille d’Or des Médias – Batigère for Last Work (Fayard). The prize will be awarded to the author on the occasion of the Livre sur la Place in Nancy, on Sunday September 11, 2022, place de la Carrière. Thierry Beinstingel has been named the […]

“Children’s literature is multiple and lively”

Par Alice Develey Posted 8 minutes ago, Update 1 minute ago Esmé Planchon published last March Stories should never end a well-crafted investigative novel. www.esmeplanchon.com INTERVIEW – The author is invited to the Var Book Festival, which is held in Toulon from Friday 18 to Sunday 20 November. About forty children’s authors are expected during […]