What have you done, Icardi! Here is the effect of Wanda Nara…

Argentinian star Mauro Icardi, who joined Galatasaray in the summer transfer period and has not fallen off the agenda with his ups and downs with his wife Wanda Nara since the day he arrived, started the Kayserispor away game in the first 11 games. While wondering how Icardi’s performance would be after the turbulent relationship […]

Explosive information about Mauro Icardi’s relationship with Leo Messi at PSG

Rodrigo Lussich threw in Show Partners explosive information about the relationship between Mauro Icardi con Leo Messi. is that the husband of Wanda Nara was news in international sports media after the family scandalsthose who would have brought him professional consequences. “Messi does not want to have him close to Icardi, I cannot say what […]