International: Real Madrid vs. Manchester City: merengue elimination memes

Updated 08/07/2020 at 5:59 PM Real Madrid lost 2-1 to Manchester City and was eliminated from the Champions League. The protagonist was Raphael Varane, who failed in the goals of the English team and ended up portrayed in the memes that appeared on social networks. Pep Guardiola’s team took the win with so many from […]

The hilarious memes for the arrival of July

Of course, the singer Julio Iglesias He is the favorite face for this type of memes worldwide. Locally, in recent years the politician and writer has been fighting for the podium Julio Barbaro. july.jpeg July On Twitter, the phrase “Welcome July” became one of the most tweeted trends this Wednesday morning. These are some of […]

July arrived and with it, the most absurd memes – News

/ Start Embedded Code / Julio, surprise me … — Avocado Out Of Context (@avocado_meme) June 26, 2020 / End Embedded Code / / Start Embedded Code / JULIO PEOPLE STARTED leave your meme down here – ?? Paloma ?? (@palosantt) July 1, 2020 / End Embedded Code / / Start Embedded Code […]

Presidential election 2020: memes – the best pictures after the first round

Presidential election 2020: memes and funny pictures after the first round – see what surfers enjoyed the most! Presidential elections: memes from the web, i.e. the best images summarizing the campaign and the first round of elections. Internet users, as usual, were ruthless and in their memes bluntly stigmatized what they did not like. […]

Juan de Dios Pantoja announces his retirement from YouTube and networks celebrate with memes

Mexico City.-ThroughYoutube,Juan de Dios PantojaHe was honest with his followers and confirmed what he had pointed out in an Instagram live,Kimberly Loaizaand he ended after so much controversy, furthermore, theyoutuberHe announced his departure from the platform that made him famous, which sparked a wave of memes. In this video, Juan de Dios Pantoja confirmed that […]

Itatí Cantoral is happy for Silvia Pinal’s series return to open TV

Itatí Cantoral is living the quarantine like a great part of the Mexicans, that is to say in his house next to his children. The Mexican actress shared that she is happy that Silvia Pinal returns to the small screen in front of you, especially at this time when Silvia Pinal is recovering from a […]

Rolling Stones drummer stole One World show – News story

The Rolling Stones offered a show as part of “One World: Together at Home” and their show caught the attention of viewers who noted that legendary drummer Charlie Watts “played” without his instrument. The musician banged his canes in the air while Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood performed their guitars on the song […]