Psychiatrists fear an increase in mental illness

/ sudok1, London – Most people recover from severe corona infections like SARS, MERS and probably COVID-19 without psychological consequences. A meta-analysis in Lancet Psychiatry (2020; doi: 10.1016 / S2215-0366 (20) 30203-0), however, raises concerns that the stay in an intensive care unit and mechanical ventilation could cause serious mental disorders for some COVID-19 […]

Somalis goes to Dr Hyena to fight depression, mental illness

MOGADISHU (Reuters) – The growers from the hyena caged change through the room because Mohamed Sheikh Yakub quietly moves in a nearby chair, hoping that the animal will spoil evil spirits from which he says he was worried from his divorce. Mohamed Sheikh Yakub, a patient with a mental illness, sits within the treatment room […]

VIEW GUEST: Brother, sister and dementia

Academic award-winning actor Diane Keaton recently visited Washington and said directly to us: “Now, at 71 years of age, Randy is currently dying.” T John Randolph Hall Randyph, born on March 21, 1948, is in Donegal, Calif. Keaton’s brother, who has dementia now, lives in a living aid facility. Keaton landed in the country’s capital […]

UK health care agency rejects your nasal spray J & J for depression

(Reuters) – British healthcare expenses agency proposes Tuesday against nasal Johnson & Johnson spray for depression, Spravato, in the country’s healthcare network, citing uncertainties about its clinical effectiveness and costs. PHOTO FILE: The Johnson & Johnson logo is shown on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York, USA, 29 May, […]