“We wanted to take the difficult road”

The mayor of Valparaíso, Jorge Sharp, confirmed that he will go for reelection in the municipal elections of next April 11. In this regard, in conversation with CNN Chile, argued that “We made the decision to do it independently, that is, collecting the signatures that the law requires in order to participate ”. “There is […]

what the municipal debt of Salamanca costs each Salamanca citizen

01.07.2020 Felix Oliva López | @FelixOtwitts The debt of the Salamanca City Council, 365 euros per inhabitant, comes out for less than what a coffee a day costs. 365 euros per inhabitant, on average. This is the debt that each Salamanca ‘pays’ for what the Salamanca City Council owes according to the latest data from […]

the city council will seal the fate of Dunière this Saturday morning … and not in video

In full confinement, should Wasquehal’s municipal council keep a distance, as was the case in Roubaix recently? To this question, Stéphanie Ducret (various right) answered “no” to the chagrin of some of her opponents. No, she said, firstly because the law extending the state of health emergency, which allows municipalities to use video conferencing, was […]

“The municipal employee has a great commitment to his city”

By Pablo Andrés Alvarez / [email protected] Municipal workers are responsible for carrying out all kinds of tasks, mainly those related to services, and are permanently present in the life of the people of Bahia. From customer service, taxpayer orientation, street cleaning, street lighting maintenance, patching, fee collection, traffic control, attention in the Municipal Hospital and […]

Universal accessibility in the municipal web portals of El Ejido

The Local Government Board held at the El Ejido City Council took a new step towards the implementation of one of the projects included in the EDUSI, which will consist of the El Ejido City Council web portals offering their content with accessibility tools that will facilitate navigation for people with functional diversity. This project […]

Municipal elections: where will women be?

Will the place of women in municipal councils improve after the elections? Among the 30,400 mayors elected after the first round on March 15, 18.6% are women in municipalities with more than 1,000 inhabitants. And 21% in municipalities with less than 1,000 inhabitants , explains Martial Foucault, director of Cevipof, Center for Political Research at […]

Municipal. Hervé Neau is the new mayor of Rezé

Arriving widely in the lead with 60% of the vote, Hervé Neau, candidate of the citizen Rezé list, was elected mayor with 35 votes out of 43, this Friday, July 3, at the Salle de la Trocardière, in Rezé. It was Gérard Allard, outgoing mayor labeled PS, who proceeded to call the newly elected municipal […]

Municipal in Marseille. Samia Ghali receives support from Alain Delon

“I came to know and appreciate Samia Ghali, whose authentic attachment to her city of Marseille, which I cherish so dear to me too, and where I have toured a lot, I have noticed.”, wrote in a press release, Alain Delon, who notably played a thug from Marseille in the 1930s in Borsalino, alongside Jean-Paul […]