the suspect was arrested and the last hostage freed

The Raid arrived early Thursday evening in Le Havre where an armed man had taken people hostage in the premises of an agency of the Bred-Banque Populaire in the city center, in the afternoon. The six hostages have been freed. ┬ź The hostages are released unharmed ┬╗Immediately greeted the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin. […]

Maritime transport. The port of Le Havre armed against cyber hackers

After the hacking of ships, those of the IT systems of maritime and port players. They are multiplying and are more and more sophisticated. The targeted goals: image damage, financial fraud, data theft, sabotage. The port of Antwerp was attacked by hackers working for a drug cartel in 2011. Access to the container management system […]

Lens lost to Le Havre after their first warm-up match

We do not know if it was the lack of football that favored our indulgence. But we had known more soporific preparation matches. If the Racing presented itself without some of its recruits, preserved (Medina, Kakuta, Ganogo) or in fourteen (Farinez), it began this meeting with the impatience of a child deprived of his favorite […]

In Le Havre, the left stands up to counter Edouard Philippe

The problem with family reunions is that they are often too rare: either the opportunities are lacking or annoyances prevent everyone from being together in the photo. But on Wednesday in Le Havre, the head of the list of the left, Jean-Paul Lecoq, who came from the PCF had a golden excuse to gather his […]