Liang Jingkun celebrates after the game!In a word, it is Lin Gaoyuan’s weakness that the first person to fall behind in the national table tennis is him_Final_Xinxiang_Player

Original title: Liang Jingkun celebrates after the game!In one sentence, he directly pokes Lin Gaoyuan’s weakness and the first person to fall behind in Guoping is him. On October 19, Beijing time, the top 32 of the WTT Macau Championship faced off. Lin Gaoyuan faced off against Liang Jingkun. As a result, Lin Gaoyuan lost […]

Shops could make better use of the potential

Paying with a messenger: Even if the use of services like Whatsapp or Signal has become more natural during the pandemic, payment solutions are still in their infancy. But that could change if companies recognize the potential for e-commerce. Many physical stores in particular communicate with their customers via Whatsapp and Co.: the food delivery […]

FT: UBS is hiring editors to screen its reports in China for potential offensiveness

The Swiss bank UBS is hiring special employees who will check all research published by the bank’s analysts in China for possible offensiveness and controversy in the region. This is reported by the Financial Times. As the newspaper notes, a top manager of another large bank has already called it “self-censorship.” The FT writes that […]

Details of a potential deal for the Investment Fund to buy 30% of “Al Musafir” company… and disclose its value

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Seera Group issued a statement announcing its conclusion yesterday (Monday) of the non-binding conditions document with the Public Investment Fund regarding the proposed investment of the fund in Al-Mosafer Travel and Tourism Company (a company wholly owned by Seera). The company said in a statement to “Tadawul” that Al-Mosafer Company currently owns […]

Flooding in Miami due to the passage of a potential tropical storm

Las heavy rain leaving the potential tropical storm that made landfall this Saturday on the peninsula of Florida (USA) have caused significant flooding in the south of the state, especially in the center of the city of Miamiwhere images show cars floating through its streets. A second Russian ship arrives in Mariupol to remove Ukrainian […]

After Lebaran, Beware of Gastrointestinal Disorders in Children

Illustration of a Stomach Sick Child. ©Daily Mail – After Lebaran, the emergence of problems in the gastrointestinal tract is one thing that is often experienced by both adults and children. A number of problems in the digestive tract can be experienced by children at these times. According to the Head of the Gastrohepatology […]

Covid: rush to the Merck pill in Asia – North America

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 17 – The anti Covid pill produced by the pharmaceutical multinational Merck is very popular in Asia, even if its sale has not yet been approved. According to CNN, at least eight countries and territories in the Asia-Pacific region have already signed contracts or are in negotiations to produce the drug […]

Putin, China does not need to use force with Taiwan – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BEIJING, OCTOBER 14 – China “does not need to use force” for the desired “reunification” with Taiwan. Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an interview with CNBC, cited President Xi Jinping’s recent comments suggesting the possibility of peaceful reunification and Beijing’s “state philosophy” that there is no threat of military confrontation. “I think China […]