Samsung Electronics share: moderate rating – tech paper with potential – 7/18/21

Korea’s electronics giant Samsung posted a profit surge in the past quarter. The net result jumped according to preliminary figures by 53 percent to the equivalent of eleven billion dollars. By Stephan Bauer, Euro am Sonntag That was well above the analysts’ estimates. The increase was due to increased prices for memory chips as well […]

Grupo San José: Near the potential purchase area

Grupo San José’s shares are within a short-term bearish channel that began at the March highs and whose ceiling is now at 5.74 euros and a floor at 5.13 euros. The long-term average stands at 5.03 euros, while the medium-term upward trend (logarithmic scale) is now at 5.12 euros. Long-term momentum is bearish, while relative […]

Calabria: Berlusconi, Occhiuto will win and govern well – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 16 – “Roberto Occhiuto, excellent entrepreneur and our talented group leader in the Chamber of Deputies, is the center-right candidate at the helm of the Calabria Region. He will be able not only to win the elections, but also to govern well a Beautiful region, which has a lot of unexpressed […]

VimpelCom resumed negotiations on the sale of cell towers :: Business :: RBC

VimpelCom spun off the NBK from its structure in 2016. The operator handed over to the “daughter” some of the communication facilities: towers on the ground, mast structures, including loaded ones, and masts on the roofs, VimpelCom representative Anna Aibasheva told Vedomosti. Then she called the separation of infrastructure into a separate company a technical […]

Controversial Vaccine Trial in UK, 40 Volunteers Will Be Infected With Corona Virus – British volunteers will be deliberately infected with the coronavirus as part of a trial experiment that could change scientists’ understanding of the virus. London is hosting the world’s first coronavirus trial in which 40 volunteers are injected with a potential vaccine before being given a dose of a nasal spray for the deadly […]

For the first time found an exoplanet in another galaxy: video

The potential planet is 37 million light-years from Earth in another galaxy. For the first time in the history of space observation, astronomers have discovered a potential exoplanet in another galaxy. This is reported by Express. A group of astronomers from the United States and China have found the planet M51-ULS-1b in the Whirlpool Galaxy. […]