Google fixes a worrisome technical problem

(MENAFN- Al-Bayan) Google has revealed that it has fixed a haunting technical issue. It explained that a problem was addressed in its beta version of the Android 13 operating system, according to the Sabq news website, quoting the specialized technical website GSM Arena. Well, it released a new update for its beta version about two […]

Prof. Angel Dimitrov: SANS is putting pressure on me because of PCM

Prof. Angel Dimitrov, co-chairman, made a scandalous revelation on BNT of the Joint Bulgarian-Macedonian Historical Commission. He said that he has been under pressure from SANS for several days because of his position on the Bulgarian veto for the start of RS Macedonia’s negotiations with the EU. The accusation came from some obscure and unknown […]

A new biodegradable gel could “repair” the damage caused by a heart attack Galata

Thursday, June 9, 2022, 11:37 p.m. 43 readings A new biodegradable gel has been developed to repair the damage caused by a heart attack, DPA / PA Media reported on Wednesday.Experts from the University of Manchester, supported by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), have created this substance that can be injected directly into the heart […]

Krefeld: Oppum rail location is growing

May 25, 2022 at 08:00 Deutsche Bahn invests in Krefeld : ICE maintenance: the Oppum site is growing DB technicians in the Oppumer plant are working on an ICE train that is currently being overhauled here. Photo: Andreas Bishop Krefeld The railway location of Krefeld is growing. The construction of a new maintenance hall on […]

The Governor of South Sulawesi’s Viral Speech: Why Don’t Get Out of Indonesia – The Governor of South Sulawesi (Sulsel), Andi Sudirman Sulaiman, drew the spotlight after the video of his remarks at the anniversary of the East Luwu Regency (Lutim) went viral on social media (medsos). In this video, Andi Sudirman responded to the demands of the residents of Rampi, North Luwu Regency (Lutra) regarding road […]

A look at Apple’s self-service repair kit for iPhone

Apple opened this week in the United States its service for ordering spare parts for recent iPhones and renting tools to carry out these interventions yourself.. Images : AppleInsider AppleInsider rented for $49 (and $1,272 security deposit) the two large suitcases containing two machine tools and some accessories. This set of around thirty kilos in […]