Tips for Adjusting Camera Settings for the Best Photo

Before you take a photo, you can adjust the settings to get the best photo for the moment. Use HDR with high contrast lighting Want to take a photo of a bright scene that also has dark shadows? Use HDR (high dynamic range) mode. The camera captures multiple exposure levels and combines them […]

Car manufacturers promise: they will last 50 years

German start-up e.Volution GmbH plans to produce the Space electric car, an urban SUV and minivan combined, which will be able to be used for 50 years. However, the Germans indicate a condition: Space will serve for half a century, but every five years it will be necessary to carry out a full-fledged repair […]

Repair of the road between Turin and the Curtiembres bridge is underway

The Infrastructure Secretariat is advancing in the repair and improvement of the road that leads from Turin to the Curtiembres bridge, a vital route for traffic between Pereira, Combia and Marseille. To date, 420 linear meters of this important road have been intervened. Given the deficient conditions that this route presented, the local administration together […]

The Navy’s 129th Squadron supported the repair of fishing boats in the Spratlys

Fishing vessel NT-90874TS docked at the lock port on Truong Sa island for support. (Source: People’s Army Newspaper) On the afternoon of May 12, Captain Vu Hoang Tung, Commander of the Logistics and Technical Service Center on Truong Sa Island (belonging to the 129th Navy Squadron), said that the Center had received and completed the […]

Payment of scholarships: La Poste steps up to repair the hiccups

The payment of scholarships for the University of Antananarivo began this week with particular hiccups that grumbled the beneficiaries. In fact, the allowances they must receive have been lower than the amount already indicated. With 5 months of scholarships and the equipment allowance, students should receive up to 300,000 ariary. But various deductions decided otherwise […]

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An angry Arnold Schwarzenegger fixed a pothole in the road

<!—-> Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger went on strike after becoming upset over the incompetence of City Hall in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Giant pits remained in the road there after the winter, which, according to him, threaten the safety of traffic. As a volunteer, the Hollywood muscle man set out to fill the biggest and […]

The NGO Reparation gratifies UOB students with re-registration fees

The NGO Reparation gratifies UOB students with re-registration fees 13 avril 2023 The NGO Reparation combines mutual aid in the plural. Its members were last Saturday at the Omar Bongo University for the delivery of re-registration fees to orphan students of this temple of knowledge. This meeting between the two parties took place with the […]