Youtube allows dubbing of videos in multiple languages

Some creators on Youtube can look forward to a new option: the video platform allows them to add multilingual audio tracks to their videos. A Youtuber explains what it’s all about. A small number of creators have already tested this feature. According to Youtube, “the availability of this function will be extended to thousands more […]

What time will Rihanna’s performance be and how long will it last?

On Sunday, February 12, the Super Bowl will be played at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, United States. The final for the Vince Lombardi Trophy will be played between the Philadelphia Eagles y Kansas City Chiefsin a historic match for all editions of the Super Bowl, since it will be the first time […]

civilians killed and several wounded after heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine

Macron, reports ANSA, which since the beginning of the conflict had the most frequent dialogue with the Russian leader, among European leaders, revealed to the weekly Le Point that he “encouraged” the Pope to give life to a telephone conversation with Putin, with the Orthodox patriarch Kirill, and US President Joe Biden, in order to […]

After several failed attempts to execute him, an American prisoner is suing the Alabama authorities for failing to inject him with a lethal injection.

Exclusive translation An American prisoner named “Alan Miller” in Alabama was subjected to a lethal injection on September 22 last while he was being executed, but he survived and suffered from major health problems, according to the newspaper “Daily Mail”. The 57-year-old prisoner caused a major controversy in the United States, and his incident caused […]

Keli Kudumbavedi logo released Pravasi | Deshabhimani

RIYADH> The logo of Keli Kudumbavedia, a group of progressive thinkers in the diaspora, has been released. The logo release ceremony was held in connection with the first central conference of Kudumbavedi. KPM Sadiq, secretary of Keli Rakshadhikri Samiti and member of Lok Kerala Sabha, performed the logo release ceremony. Damam Navodaya Kudumbavedi President and […]

Unreasonable: “The waiting period for a pregnant woman in jurisprudence is 4 years, although it has been scientifically proven to be impossible”! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Saudi researcher Nasser Al-Hazimi commented, during an intervention on the “Symposium” program on Al-Arabiya channel, that the waiting period for a pregnant woman is 4 years, despite the scientifically proven impossibility of her pregnancy for more than 9 months. Al-Huzaimi said, I wish to amend the hadiths, for now there is a lot […]


KARCHER K 2 UE HYDROLAVING MACHINE -UNIVERSAL EDITION 1400W OFFER NEW UNUSED PRODUCT, BOX WITH DETAIL The standard equipment includes a gun, a 3 m high-pressure hose, a simple spray lance, as well as a water filter to protect the pump from the penetration of dirt particles. Pressure (Bar) 110 Caudal (lts/h)    […]