Three candidates identified to head Infrabel

This is to replace the interim CEO, Ann Billiau. Tkings candidates have been retained by a headhunter to take the head of Infrabel after the departure of the interim CEO Ann Billiau, who will leave his post at the latest on July 31, reports L’Echo on Friday. The three candidates proposed as CEO of the […]

friends of Mikhail Efremov talked about his personal life

The story of the fatal accident Mikhail Efremov revealed his secret affair with the actress of the Sovremennik Theater Daria Belousova. Immediately after the accident, the artist did not go to his home, but to her apartment on Chistye Prudy, from where the police took him. Now Efremov is sitting under house arrest in his […]

They find a man with a shot in the head in the west zone

A man was seriously wounded in the western area of ​​Rosario, a fact in which a friend of the victim was detained, based on the confusing accounts he provided to the police. The fact that is being investigated was denounced by neighbors when they heard a shot from a neighboring house, located in Pampa at […]

“Her children saw the whole scene”

Posted on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. By JC Giuseppe A. was placed under arrest warrant on Wednesday. The 58-year-old Colfontainois is prosecuted for attempted murder after having shot his neighbor’s brother in Wasmes. His van was parked outside Giuseppe’s home, and he didn’t like it! Nabil, father of three, is still in […]

Bear swims with his head stuck in a plastic jar: a family frees him

Adventure for some fishermen in Wisconsin – Facebook /CorriereTv KEEP READING ” Singular adventure for a family of fishermen in Wisconsin: while sailing on Marshmiller Lake they saw a bear with his head stuck in a plastic jar and they approached with their boat to free him. At first, the animal fled. Then Tricia Hurt’s […]

“I saw my brother’s face full of blood”

Posted on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 1:13 p.m. Nabil, 37, was seriously injured by a gunshot near his younger brother’s house in Wasmes. This Monday evening in Colfontaine, the special intervention group “Delta” of the Mons-Quéyy police intervened in force on Mont Leville street in Colfontaine to arrest a person entrenched in their home. […]

Head Injury from Lloret celebrates 25 years by opening up to digital platforms

The Lloret-based grunge-metal band Head Injury is celebrating its 25th anniversary by releasing all its records on all the main digital music platforms. Although the group from Lloret left its activity in 2011 shortly after the release of the album Reborn, its members have decided to celebrate the anniversary by releasing the three released albums […]