Index – FOMO – András Stohl and Bogi Dallos also sing in the Star

2022.01.24. 11:44 The contestants of the 8th series of the star in Star were unveiled on Monday morning. The 8th season of Star in Star2 kicks off on February 6th. It has already been revealed that this time Ramóna Lékai-Kiss and Zalán Makranczi will be among the finalists, the jury will be formed with Szabi […]

They can be Star Contestants

On February 6, TV2 will release another season Star in the star and you already know who the jury will be: in addition to Attila Kökény and Szabi Papp, who will be seen in the previous season, Ramóna Lékai-Kiss and Zalán Makranczi, also known from the Sample Dads, will be present. But what about the […]

The song of Ildikó Keresztes was made easy by everyone

Ildikó Keresztes a A year of silence for his hit Dancing with the Stars Kata Dobó and György Köcse in his 5th live show on the Night of the Hungarian Stars. Struggling with tears, the 57-year-old singer performed the song, which she had previously sung with Balázs Feco. Ildikó Keresztes was one of the star […]

Love is intertwined in the Star I will be a star! behind the scenes?

Maybe he didn’t want to, but Liza Vincze was exposed. I’ll be a star in the Star! his first dropout was live in the studio watching the show on Sunday, but Bors found out he was most interested in someone’s production. Maybe he didn’t want to, but Liza Vincze was exposed. I’ll be a star […]

Bea Gas will be the hostess of the Fish on the cake

As reported, Gáspár Bea will be the Fish on the cake gastreality housewife. THE Borsnak he betrayed, he really enjoys his new job. Bea Gáspár is confident that the show will make people realize that cooking is a good thing – Source: TV2 / Mokka – video “I love this role. (…) I will help […]

Index – Domestic – Fish returns on the cake

TV2’s Fish on the Cake returns to the screen. Filming for the new season has already begun. The first week among others, Ágica Szögeczki, Győző Gáspár and Attila Ambrus, ie Viszkis, will host their companions for a dinner. According to Blikk’s unconfirmed information, the one-person jury for the show will be Bea Gáspár. Previously, this […]